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Econet Expo

We’ve been following up some kind of response from Econet to the open letter posted here 4 days ago. We’re still to get it, the formal response anyway. But yesterday, we got something that might help clarify issues raised in the letter.

Econet is going to hold a 3 day PR event in Harare called Econet Experience Expo. At the expo, Econet will answer face to face any questions you have.

If you have been griping and slamming Econet for unfairly taking your money, and many of you are, here’s your chance to speak to the company (their reps at least) and have your issues addressed. You also get a chance to sample some free broadband and maybe win a couple of prizes while you are at it.

The expo starts tomorrow Thursday 18 November, and lasts until Saturday, 20 November.

And one more thing, if you’re dying for a chancing to work at the most admired employer in Zimbabwe, you probably don’t want to miss this event. You’ll get some info on how to achieve your dream.

The information we received also says that Econet partners, Apple (now I’ve grabbed your attention) and Sony Ericsson will be exhibiting their greatest and latest products at the Expo. I imagine some of you readers will probably just to there to have a feel of the iPad.

Here’s the event’s ad:

Econet Expo


  1. Nutty

    what can I say ? you guys are really inspired to change our world, please to all those who can attend report back on this site if everything was satisfactory and you had your questions answered. we would also invite Econet to exhibit a similar event at the Trade fair grounds to carter for the Southern region of the country.

  2. Oscar Manduku

    My requests will be answered when their 100MB is at US$10 or less.

  3. Oscar Manduku

    The next document, if my request to reduce their tariffs is not answered, is “How Econet can cause hyperinflation in a USD Zimbabwean Economy”.

  4. geek

    The information we received also says that Econet partners, Apple (now I’ve grabbed your attention)

    Point of correction, Econet does not have any partnership with Apple, speaking as an outsider (not an Econet or Solution Centre or iclik - nor Apple employee)I assume your source wanted to say they have partnered with Apple Approved Solutions provider (which can either be Solution Centre or iclik)

  5. Chris

    As you rightly said in the first paragraph ‘At the expo, Econet will answer face to face any questions you have.’ Don’t expect price reductions but expect justifications for the pocket busting tarrifs.

  6. Kabweza

    Their internal comms says: “Our key partners, among them Apple and Sony Ericsson”.

    But yeah, i doubt this is the actual Apple. Probably meant it in a loose way. Or just Sol Centre or iclik lyk u suggest.

  7. w3ll$

    i hate apple products.

  8. Kabweza


  9. w3ll$

    well, I’ll give you this, apple products are quite the lookers, beautiful gadgets no doubt. my problem is with their lack of flexibility. with the PC you can hack your way around and get it to do stuff you normally wouldn’t be able to. Customization is the main strength of PCs; you can build your PC, you can swap out a messed up hdd, dude you can do almost anything! but can you with a mac??? lastly, apple products are bloody expensive. anyways that’s just me, I stand to be corrected, after all I’m just a PC fanboi. 🙂

  10. Joe Black

    The reason you don’t have to “build” your own mac, or swap out a messed up HDD, is because it’s already got everything you need, you don’t need to upgrade to use new software, and your HDD will not be messed up anyway 🙂

    Reliability, that’s why they’re not as hackable as PCs (hardware-wise, software-wise they pretty malleable).

    Or do you take joy in swapping out fried components and obsolete memory etc etc? Get an apple, worth the price to have a 5-year computer!

  11. JamesM

    We don’t need Econet explaining itself to anyone, what we need is a liberalized telecoms market that allows better players from wherever to come and offer better products and services at reasonable prices. How is Econet going to explain that? Get real! Econet is one of the obstacles to such liberalization. What we need, doubtful though that it will ever happen, is lobbying the minister of ICT to liberalize the telecoms market for the sake of us customers. Short of regulation that is the only way prices come down in a market economy.
    The bit about an Apple-Econet association/partnership is intriguing. Apple products are slick but not so the prices. They are not known for making any inroads in developing markets let alone the Zim market that has been in a comatose state for quite some time. There simply is no purchasing power for Apple products in Zim. I bet Econet will explain that too at their expo? Can’t wait to hear it!

  12. Milton Gadina

    Great its happening in Harare but what about us- in Bulawayo hope their are plans for such a expo here

  13. Quintin Fick

    Would we get the truth about why they set a flat rate of $25 in the first place whilst the infrastructure was not capable of delivering???!! Every man and his dog was downloading music and movies and made the system painfully slow mostly! Very poor planning…!

  14. munhu

    i would rather you say that when you have all the information, not assume.

  15. munhu

    wrong platform to discuss this. Admin ! please delete this post

  16. Clivem

    I am definately goin to be in Hre, on Sat, can’t afford to miss such an eventful event, I have always been inspired by Econet, they are actually like a mentor to me. Will leave Byo gloominess for a while and fly with the Eagles in Hre, and Please Econet if you can do a same Consultative meeting in the City of “Queens” alas Kings

  17. Dull Geek

    Hi guys. Any new information from econet on the tarrifs

  18. shingie

    yahhh they nid to explain why their mobile broadband is expensive

  19. MacdChip

    No, Mac does not have everything l need and they a very expensive for nothing, l built PCs of any kind and there is nothing to bring home about with Apple products

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