The Econet broadband website has been hacked

Econet Defaced Website

The Econet Wireless broadband website has been hacked. We just discovered this right now while working on a story for the new Econet email system, which we will post later.


If you visit the site right now, you will see it’s been defaced with the following banner:

Econet Defaced Website


A section that normally contains a link to the Econet support page has also been defaced with the following:

Econet Defaced Support Section

The support link now redirects to the following Facebook page:

Econet Facebook Hate Group

It’s not clear yet if the creators of the Facebook page are the ones that have hacked into the Econet site. We’ll try to find out more this evening. We wrote about this same Facebook hate group back in April in an article about Econet’s delay of the launch of mobile broadband services.

We’ve tried to call the Econet guys we know so they can have the site taken down ASAP to fix it and lock it down. No one is answering. The Econet call centre ofcourse is a non-starter but we’ll try it. We’ve also sent emails to people we know there and hopefully they’l see it soon enough.

We’l post more if we get anything. If you happen to know more about this, just add a comment to this story or send us an email.

UPDATE: Econet has taken its websites offline.

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37 thoughts on “The Econet broadband website has been hacked

  1. How can a so-called “ICT” company like Econet have funny website which can be so easily hacked??? This is a wake-up call for all so-called blue-chip companies to get out of their stone-age shells. Banks watch-out!!!

  2. joomla is actually a very very good and secure platform…however, noob developers often do not develop websites with security in mind…hence the problem. you have to secure your website, and then you have to secure the server that hosts the website. thats how it goes.

  3. it will be interesting to know the person who hacked into Econet website, and recharging system. I just want to also test my powers and hack into his system and mobile phone. I am going to have fun !!! yipeeeeeeeeeee, and possibly his wife/girlfriend oooops i said it

  4. You are right about the mobile tariffs for *Voice* – but data is a whole different story.

    While I generally disagree with the tone of the OP, he is right to say competition is tough in SA. Cell-C recently lit a fire under it’s much larger rivals by offering data bundles at next to nothing (R125 for 2GB – works out to less that 1 US cent per MB). Performance is great too, typically gets 3Mbps+ (on a 7mbps modem)

  5. Econet should just be thankful they “ONLY” had their websites hacked it could have been something worse. Guys lets be honest Zimbabwean websites are very porous, they dont get hacked because they is nothing of value on our websites. The case of of Microsoft is similar to econet they got too greedy and thats the reason why its the most virus pron OS, programmers and computer guys dont like to be exploited with the way econet is going charging ridiculous prices for their products and poor service they should tighten their belts…oh maybe they should invest more money in security than in adverts and propaganda promotions..

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