Africom readies launch of new services, likely voice & more broadband

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Africom LogoAfricom, one of Zimbabwe’s largest Internet Access Providers, has started what appears to be an advertising campaign for the launch of some new services. In the print press today, a tech company, which definitely is Africom (we’ve confirmed) has a teaser advert for some data and voice services.

The advert itself is an image of a jigsaw puzzle with half the pieces missing. One huge piece has the following words:

…voice or data access for yourself or you’re looking…
…or your family with a combination of fixed and mob…
…single solution that will comfortably fit your pocke…

We’re trying to get more information and will post as soon as we do. In the meantime, our guess is Africom will add in a few more pieces to the puzzle building up to the launch.

We wrote about Africom’s possible entry into the voice services back in April in an article titled “Africom and Valley Technologies to launch mobile phone networks”. It has since become clear that Valley Tech is launching voice services not too far into the future. Africom’s new ad campaign confirms they too are launching soon, poss`ibly sooner than Valley Tech.

Africom will also likely launch more broadband data options. Or maybe it will tie up voice and data into a single comprehensive package. Whatever it is, we’re excited and can’t wait for more details. Who doesn’t love more choice?



  1. Anonymous

    Can’t wait too!!! Thank God for the competition!

  2. JamesM

    “Who doesn’t love more choice?” Not without the right price I don’t! Especially so for a country transacting with the green-back. No doubt Africom will be bringing in more products and services to market. I worry though whether or not this will overwhem and ultimately degrade the quality of their data network. As a private company they are profit driven, so long as greed (profit i.e.) doesn’t overshadow the quality of their products and services.
    I wonder who would be the next best thing if ever Africom falters and blows-up the opportunity they are currently enjoying? Now there’s a choice question for you.

  3. Quintin

    High hopes for a reasonably priced service… please Africom!?

  4. Fredperry8

    whats with the puzzles?why not just say what they mean

    1. Tafmak3000

      If they did, you wouldn’t be talking about it right now !

  5. Itai

    Because they mean nothing (new) at all……..

  6. Tafmak3000

    …Let the price wars commence!

  7. Tafmak3000

    @975d4e81e739d9fdb6006fdb91c7c7e1:disqus Greed ist not slways so bad! Because they wan’t more profits thell be forced to improve the service!

  8. ★ Byers Design ★

    oooooh, cannot wait to hear about their new services, lets hope it more GIG’s… 1 just aint doing it!

  9. Anonymous

    Pleaaaase Africom, save us from from the bane of our existence that is Econet!!

  10. Sikefula

    i just wish more and more of these progressive companies stop thinking that Harare is ZIMBABWE..IwayAfrica,Powertel,Ecoweb,ZOl..the list is endless…I fone them to inqiure from Marondera and the now familiar response goes like…” we are sorry but this dservice is only availabble in Harare…..”…pleeeeaaaseee!

  11. Emundingi

    cnt wait for the services africom..pliz do it fo us…

  12. Levinjanje

    Go africom Go

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