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Powertel headhunts for troops

A big vacancy ad from Powertel appeared in yesterday’s Sunday Mail, by the looks of it the company is bolstering its forces for a major onslaught. In these interesting of times, Powertel regrets the major advances enemy camps have gained at its expense. This why it’s searching far and wide for the following:

Chief Technology Strategy Expert (CTSE)

According to the requirements this position (which we have never heard of) entails:

Advising on alignment of vision with business strategy and technology through entrepreneurship by integrating company processes with the appropriate technologies and spearheading culture change initiatives in Powertel.

This is quite a mouthful that left us feeling really dumb stricken. Enemy camps you better watch out, the CTSE is going to spearhead you out of action.

Chief Strategic Marketing Expert (CSME)

Once again, we have never heard of this position but kudos goes to the company for crafting a description fit for (ordinary) human consumption:

The Chief Strategic Marketing Expert’s role will be to assist in the direction and control of the company’s marketing programmes and activities and advice on marketing strategies in conformity with the organisation’s strategic plans and objectives.

We are not so sure where such a hotshot will fit in the marketing department’s grander scheme of things. We nonetheless believe the Marketing Director, Marketing Manager/s, and Marketing Executives of Powertel have a rough idea. Enemy camps you have been warned, the Powertel blitz is coming.

Other positions the company is looking to deploy are a Treasury Expert and a Legal Advisor.

These are interesting times indeed.

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5 thoughts on “Powertel headhunts for troops

  1. You should have helped us by putting the link to the ads (or a snapshot from the paper). Eager to join them as Treasury expert. kikikiki

  2. Actually enemy camps have absolutely nothing to worry about from Powertel. Powertel hasn’t got a clue what business its in and what it’s supposed to in that business. The best Powertel can do is court itself to another telecoms suitor with a better infrastructure and product offering than Powertel’s. The reality is that Powertel is an inefficient and subsidized company that should government support evaporate, the whole thingy will come crushing down to the ground like a house of cards. What service/product is Powertel offering that we can all point out to and say “There’s a job well-done”, sadly nothing.

    1. Dude, yo comment just shows u neva read the article. U probably never studied business in your life. Powertel are now back in the game thats why they are recruiting, so that is worrisome for enemy camps. @ the moment you can only ignore Powertel at yo expense. 

      1. I read the article alright and the line below from the article pretty much sums it all, “In these interesting of times, Powertel regrets the major advances enemy camps have gained at its expense”.
        I won’t even dare adding anything to that!

      2. i cnt help but support jamesm. Powertel r just like other players who only have potential. they have had leeway to set the pace and now they r having to compete for market share with smaller players who started launching services way after they had a chance to set the tone. talk abt “giants” like goliath. slow to react and whn they least expect it, david conquers them

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