Computer Society of Zimbabwe to hold ICT Expo in Bulawayo


We were quite pleased last week to learn that the Bulawayo chapter of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) is ready to hold its first ICT Expo on the 24th and 25th of November (Next week).  Pleased because this is yet another opportunity for the industry to showcase the potential of ICT tools for existing business and more importantly for new solutions to some of the social and economic problems faced in the country today.

ICT tools, especially mobile phone connectivity and to a smaller extent (which will gradually improve as well) the internet, have drastically changed the business landscape, consequently opening opportunities for reducing costs, working more efficiently, learning faster, moving faster and even basing a business idea on the ICTs themselves. To put it loosely, these tools are an entrepreneur’s dream.

But that dream is far from being realized. And this is why events like these, even without the perfection that critiquing Zimbabweans would like to have, are vital for the country.


Bulawayo’s ICT Expo is something along the lines of the annual ICT Africa which was held in Harare from the 5th to 7th of October. The event will be held at the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre at the Trade Fair grounds. The theme of the exhibition is “Enhancing E-Business.”

The event is expected to attract exhibitors ranging from ICT service providers, businesses using ICTs in innovative ways, and tertiary institutions offering ICT programs. CSZ will run a conference alongside the exhibition. According to the organisers, a wide range of ideas will be discussed and it’s hoped this will help expand “knowledge frontiers for sustainable growth and development through ICTs.”

Some key presentation topics to be discussed at the conference include ‘Integration of business and statutory bodies’ systems to achieve operational efficiency through ICTs’, ‘E-learning for a developing economy’ and ‘enhancing business development and growth’. There’s no information yet on who will be speaking at the event. We hope whoever it is, will do justice to these important issues and inspire the audience to participate in realizing the full potential of the tech tools then event is showcasing.

There will also be some career guidance sessions where students will learn the different entry paths to the ICT industry, the full range of career options available and the qualifications or skill set required.

One unfortunate thing is that apart from an entry of, there’s nothing in depth online about the event. Hey CSZ, please post something about the event on your website. This is quite not acceptable for a tech event. Do a Facebook page even where you post updates about the event.

We will make it a point to attend the event and use the opportunity to meet the tech people and entrepreneurs in Bulawayo.

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