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Press Release: Drishti and Africcs join forces to serve the CIM Industry in Zim

Drishti Soft

Drishti SoftDrishti-Soft, a leading CIM technology innovator, and Africcs, Zimbabwe’s leading customer care consultancy firm, enter into a business alliance to tap the huge contact center market of Zimbabwe and neighboring countries. With a presence in more than 15 other countries of African Continent, Drishti further strengthens its base through this partnership.

Drishti’s award-winning customer interactions management solution – Ameyo was presented to enterprises from across the globe at the International Customer Service Week 2011 hosted for the first time in Zimbabwe.

Elaborating on this, Cecilia Sewera, Managing Director at Africcs says “Drishti-Soft was among the many international companies to grace the International Customer Service Week in Zimbabwe. It was well received as the audience consisted of some of the colossal leaders in the domain of ICT development. We look forward to a bright future as the alliance with the Indian brand opens a number of avenues for us”.


Putting forth Drishti perspective, Ishdeep Singh, Head-Business Development (New Markets) at Drishti-Soft, says – “Africcs is a respected name in the contact center market of Zimbabwe. They have the right team and expertise to take forward this ‘tech-niche’ initiative of Drishti and are hence our partner of choice to address the ICT needs of the region.”

Africa is a rapidly developing market with challenges of both cost and competition to be met. Solutions having legacy development practices cannot cater to such an audience. IP-based Ameyo Communication Suite brings in an innovative approach and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that simplifies communication processes, increases development & deployment speed, and provides flexibility while reducing IT costs.

Africcs specializes in call center outsourcing applications. They are an experienced provider of multi-channel, multi-lingual customer contact management solutions. The clientele of Africcs includes global names from industry verticals like tourism, telecom, retail, financial & technology sector, government departments, and local authorities.

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