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Chips partners Utande in Software as a Service cloud offering

Chips Computing ServicesWe just received a news release from Chips Computing that says the company has partnered Utande Internet Services (the ISP arm of Dandemutande) to offer Sage ERP X3 over the cloud. The Software as a Service application will be hosted at Utande’s new datacentre in Harare.

The partnership was first unveiled at last year’s ICT Africa event in Harare, where the implementation won Utande an award for the most innovative product at the annual exhibition. Today’s release doesn’t say if the service is already available to customers, but we’re guessing it is, as they wouldn’t announce it for the second time just for the sake of it.  There are also no pricing details or how the licencing will be structured. We have written to them for that information and we will update as soon as we get it.

Chips Computing is one of the Zimbabwe’s oldest software companies and represents Sage Enterprise in Zimbabwe. Dandemutande is one of Zimbabwe’s licensed 12 Internet Access Providers. The company has for a while now been preparing to launch its new WiMax service which we’ve been told by source is about to be launched.

Here’s a link to the release.

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12 thoughts on “Chips partners Utande in Software as a Service cloud offering

    1. we will do that soon, there is a reason why its still like that, be patient bro.

          1. Ofcourse its not important! After all, its JUST the face of the company! A bunch of html and other easy-to-learn thingie-mies we can sprinkle on it. Why be bothered? You cant be!! Best to focus on the core business! The internet. The web. The cloud!… and patience

            1. Good Lord!!!! You don’t have a clue. The first thing that comes to my mind when I visit Utande website is that the service of the company is pathetic and the owner probably has been in a coma for 12 years. A website is very important.

              1. sarcasm sorta tastes bland when u have to point it out…

                anyways… (pointing)

  1. Chips, one of a few IT names from the 90’s still huffing-and-puffing today. Up till this offering their business model eerily reminded one of the ‘we will come and install that-and-that software on your computers’. The calling mantra of an IT company during the heyday 90’s. But the landscape has now changed, we are now talking about cloud computing and SAAS. Is it not a bit late though for Chips? Companies and platforms offering saas on the internet are many with a price and infrastructure up-time to match. Larger companies are even building their own cloud platforms to have some control over IT operations. And for small to mid-sized companies they can grab an Openbravo, etc bang it on Rackspace and away they go. Hmm watch this space folks!

    1. Its not too late, they are local. Doing it now will help them when international bandwidth is still expensive, latency is still an issue and when we are not yet fully “bridged” in the divide. Most Zim IT people know the challenge of the cloud. That combined with general (global) mistrust of handing over data/services to a third party, gives them a slight advantage.

      Besides, I would never advise anyone to put their enterprise data/services, offshore to the mercy of US laws. For webhosting, file storage and backup(dropbox et al) and the like, its ok…but not enterprise data/services.

      I can predict that IF they Chips fails, besides QoS, its a price issue. There is this fiend of a demon in many-things-IT-or-telecoms-in-Zim to overprice just about anything.

  2. jus looking at the site pisses me off…I wouldnt want do any business with an IT company that cant maintain a regularly updated website. If they don’t have time they can contract it parttime to some Computer Science student at NUST/MSU/UZ for less than $100 a month and get a very good website.

    1. I would say professionals, not students…unless they are exceptionally good at DEVELOPING CORPORATE websites.

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