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Kubatana, making Zimbabwe’s public interest documents easily accessible

So, the good folks at post these national interest documents every now again. They make it extremely easy to access information that you’d otherwise have to spend a few dollars and lots of time going to the necessary authorities to get. And these being soft copies, they are even easier to pass on to friends and other interest individuals. Kubatana is great example of using tech to vastly improve access to information. We thought we’d amplify that voice here in case you miss some of these things.

Via our Twitter stream today, we found out that Kubatana posted the second draft of the constitution of Zimbabwe last week. The not only have that, they have been posting all drafts so far. They even have a “leaked” draft posted in February 2012. You can find them all here. Of course online news organizations also post such documents as part of the articles they write when the events occur. However, finding the documents standing alone as downloads and coming with links to past drafts all along with them is the extra value this has.

The sad thing and what makes the work of organizations like Kubatana’s critical is that, COPAC, the Committee of Parliament that was mandated to spearhead the new Zim Constitution, don’t even have this latest one on their website. At least we couldn’t find it.

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