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Internet Explorer only!

RG Update Browser

Remember the website that the Registrar General’s office launched last week where Zimbabweans can access a Zimbabwean passport form, fill it in, print it and take to the passport offices for further processing? Well,

RG Update Browser


On the ground however, things stand like so,

Zimbabwe browser market share


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9 thoughts on “Internet Explorer only!

  1. l said this before anyone who visits a few sort of government linked websites etc will by no doubt recognize this same website being recycled just color change and a few things so what can we expect l bet they don’t even declare a simple proper DOCType

  2. Here we come maZimbo, munotochinja to Intenet Explorer chete. If you have linux, mac or any other OS pliz downgrade to our recognised OSes from Microsoft.

    We will post you links to the pirated copies…. we know 99.99% of you use pirated copies so don’t act shocked.

    Honestly this is stupid for a government, i wonder who they consulted! Most likely an old man with a PHD in political science or something!

  3. Since the site is almost always down, maybe they should put the file on a file-sharing service.

    >>I’m trying to download the form but the site is down. does anyone have a downloaded copy they can share?

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