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We were down this morning

Techzim Down

Techzim DownSome of you noticed you couldn’t open the Techzim website this morning. We were down. For about 2 hours our web host had some server issues. Fortunately, they were able to resolve the issue before too long.

None of our data or our platform (we run WordPress as you can see in the footer) was affected by the issue so we didn’t have to restore anything. We’re back doing what we love the most, delivery relevant tech content to you!

Our sincere apologies for the downtime. Wish we could say it won’t happen again in future, but we can’t. It doesn’t happen often though; maybe just once a year or so.

A big thanks to all you that sent us heads-up SMSs, emails and FB messages. It’s humbling to know so many of you are looking out for us J

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8 thoughts on “We were down this morning

    1. before we moved we’d have a problem say once every 3 or 4 weeks. and it would take much much more than 2 hours to fix. The last straw was when it took a couple of days.
      just recently, we discovered the routing issue (where being hosted by one ISP means other ISP customers cannot access your website sometimes) is still an issue locally.

      still glad we moved

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