Here are some details about TelOne’s new billing system #AfricaCom

TelOne Runhare HouseAbout 2 weeks ago, we wrote about TelOne’s switching from the uncapped but throttled model of billing to a prepaid capped one for the ADSL product. The previous model was not something of their choosing; the circumstance that forced it on them was the lack of a proper billing system to measure data allocation and capping.

Today, details of the billing system were unveiled by the company that sold it to TelOne. On the sidelines of the ongoing AfricaCom conference in South Africa, FTS, a provider of billing systems announced that TelOne has successfully implemented its Leap Billing system. The release quotes TelOne CEO Hampton Mhlanga as saying that the new billing system will help TelOne increase its revenues. We can’t argue with that ofcourse.

Statements from FTS CEO in the release also indicate that the new billing system will enable TelOne to provide customers with a single bill summarising all services they use like the fixed telephony, ADSL and CDMA telephony. From our observations when we visited TelOne this week, this integration work may still be ongoing.


Despite now implementing the capping system on the service, TelOne remains the lowest priced fixed broadband internet service in Zimbabwe. The company’s ADSL service starts at US $30 a month for a 10GB data bundle coming on a 256Kbps pipe.

Here’s a link to the full press release.

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4 thoughts on “Here are some details about TelOne’s new billing system #AfricaCom

  1. can you find out if there will also be an online site that we (the customer) can log into and monitor the useage / used & remaining data at any time?

  2. 256kbps? @boss4q that would be a very nice function. I have a programme that i developed that works in almost the same way. For a 256k line what would you like to monitor though, i don’t think 10GB unotombodzipedza pamwedzi.

  3. Has anyone noticed that 10G=$30, 15GB=$60, 20GB=$120 & Unlimited=$230? Diminishing returns anyone? Wouldnt it make sense if by paying double the lower tariff, i’d get a little more product? why pay $120 for 20GB whenI can pay $60 twice for 30GB? I know there’s a speed differential but it’s hardly worth the 10GB I lose.
    I wouldnt mind if instead of capping usage, they “shape” your traffic, for example, reducing your maximum speed from 1Mb/s to 512kb/s between 6AM & 8PM, then unleashing the full gamut after hours. I’m just saying…

  4. I’ve paid for the unlimited package and they have cut me off. When I check the web portal it says I have no more data left – not very unlimited then is it???? And I can’t get in touch with them to sort it out, why am I not surprised!!??

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