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Fingaz website attacked by hackers again

fingazA tweet by an account called zimCyberHackers announced a few days ago the hacking of the website belonging to local weekly newspaper, The Financial Gazette. We didn’t see the actual evidence of the hacking but we notice the website has since been taken down “for maintenance”, the likely result of such incidents.

The Fingaz appears to have been attacked by whoever is behind the zimCyberHackers twitter account. The account claimed responsibility for the attack on the site in a tweet posted on Friday:
As for why the Fingaz was hacked, the only hint so far is a tweet by the Anonymous Africa hacker collective posted on the same day asking their followers if the site was “a legitimate target”. Anonymous Africa has however distanced itself from zimCyberHackers declaring that they are not working together with the people behind the account.

The attack on the Fingaz follows other attacks made in recent weeks by Anonymous Africa on a news site in South Africa, the Herald site locally, as well as a Zimbabwe government website.

This is the second time this year the Fingaz website has suffered an attack.

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16 thoughts on “Fingaz website attacked by hackers again

  1. what a bunch of good for nothings, nhubu zvadzo, priding themselves in havoc mayhem and destruction instead of progress, creativity and innovation. we dont need this at all

  2. I really don’t get this hacking of these Zim websites. Seems quite juvenile and not well thought out. This is because there really isn’t much of an impact made apart maybe for an Ego boost to the hackers for hacking a poorly maintained Joomla/WP site.

    Hacking a site like the NY Post will definitely get some attention but really, Finigaz? Most of the people that I know read the actualy physical copy of the paper anyway so a defaced website really is not impactful.

    Whilst we really don’t know these hackers motives, be they for good or boredom, I think their talents are being wasted on such and instead they should use their time wisely and actually use their skill to build apps and softwares that will truly help the people of Zimbabwe and Africa. All these hackings do is simply fill the pockets of companies like Webdev as they are called for the “maintenance” which ofcourse they will charge dearly for.

    1. simply fill the pockets of companies like Webdev as they are called for
      the “maintenance” which ofcourse they will charge dearly for. +food for thought+

      1. yeah, word has it they get paid US$2m for every hour of maintenance…..and only US$500k for every hour when the site works

          1. Wow! am definitely doing the wrong thing..$2m for 60 mins!!! Nice pocket change I definitely can do with.

            Also, what if it was webdev themselves “hacking” their own sites to make money from maintenance? Not saying they doing it but I have seen too many scams in most companies IT systems where the Sys Admin deletes vital windows files so as to give his buddy business…..

            And it is not an idea for those who are Sys Admins please 😛

    2. maybe vaka traya NY Post vaka tadza, then ndobva vangozo sanganawo ne Fingaz.

      Point being, these are most likely amateurs.

    3. Well, from their point of view, they are activists and are making a point. Even though amateur. It would be pointless to attack the NY Post if they want to make a point in the Zimbabwean context.

      Many people read the online version. Those who wont or cant afford to buy, as well as the diaspora.

      I doubt its boredom and also dont think it has anything to do with talents at all. They are truly juvenile

  3. thats what you get when you dont listen to youth, The government wants to make them all farmers but they dont have it in them. It could be more than anything, frustration from lack of funding, lack of confidence in their ideas or expensive data etc

  4. Zim4thewin is very juvenile. Even worse than the Lulzsec group. Very careless too. It is very easy to follow the trail and identify who is behind Zim4thewin.

    But thats not interesting. It was too easy.

    What shows their script-kiddie-ness is the statement “ not (yet) a member of the ACA or our anon Africa group. his actions are his own..”. Who the hell says the have to be a member? Do they even want to be a member? Of what? Anonymous? Where anyone can be Anonymous? That even shows they have very little understanding of the idea behind Anonymous. And do we need to be told they are not members when clearly they have a different account? How dull can these guys be?!

    Who says they own any and every right for a cause concerning Zimbabwe? For all we know, the causes could be different.

  5. Defacing pages yea great but not too effective since < 20% ZimPopulation visit that site.
    If they are serious they should hack into EcoCash system no this crap.

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