You know a company has issues, and you understand their decline when…


…a whole week after the promised launch of an app that’s supposed help them salvage some relevance, the app is still not available, and executives are not even comfortable saying when it will come.



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9 thoughts on “You know a company has issues, and you understand their decline when…

        1. Also… filtering out such packets at a national level is computationally expensive unless they know specifically what IP addresses they originate from, in which case they’ll just drop them. But still…I dont see what the fuss is about. Given the contentious encryption keys, what the heck would they do with them. Given that many government servers are open(anonymous proved it), alot of government employees use Gmail, Yahoo etc to conduct business… which is a far worse risk than some encryption keys which they demand so they can just blink at them.

  1. Limbikani hamusi kuziva here kuti they were busy signing papers for the transaction that we eventually witnessed… I don’t think after the sell they are committed to doing anything for anyone, especially since the service was going to be offered free of charge for both iOS and Android.. Besides, who would need it anyway?? We already have dozens of these instant messaging apps. We have WhatsApp, WeChat, to mention just two. What would be the advantage of using BBM and what would prompt one to use the service.

    1. The market it targets isnt really social but secure communications(business)… but even so, iOS and Android already provide IMAP, POP for connection to corporate servers… with Windows in the mix, the Blackberry boat’s being steered nicely to the bottom of the ocean bed

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