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OneWallet now pays ZESA prepaid electricity credit, so does CBZ & ZB Bank

NetOne’s OneWallet customers will now be able to buy ZESA prepaid electricity credit via OneWallet mobile money solution. In a press statement, NetOne said the integration is part of a deal between NetOne and the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Corporation (ZETDC). Both are state owned enterprises.

We are not certain how many customers are on OneWallet but this will be a welcome development for them largely because ZESA prepaid electricity credit distribution centers are few and far apart. This integration with OneWallet will undoubtedly give customers the convenience to access prepaid electricity credit from anywhere, at anytime.

Also interesting to note is that this is OneWallet’s first major integration with a billing third party since (re)launch on 8 November 2013.

In a related news, ZETDC adverts running this new way to recharge which they have dubbed “Power Plus”, CBZ Bank and ZB Bank are listed along with NetOne as partners in this initiative. This simply means that CBZ and ZB Bank customers can also buy prepaid electricity credit via mobile or internet banking.

This likely means that ZETDC is open to other vendors coming on board and other mobile money player like EcoCash and Telecash may also follow suit soon.

Here’s an extract from NetOne’s press release:

NetOne’s OneWallet mobile money service has proven its mettle as the most secure mobile money service in Zimbabwe as it has struck a deal with Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Corporation (ZETDC) to pay prepaid ZESA vouchers.

As of Tuesday 08 April 2014 NetOne through its radio programmes was advising its customers to register for the OneWallet – ZESA prepaid payment facility by sending the registered OneWallet number to 32020 together with the ZESA prepaid meter number. “To register, send your registered OneWallet number separated with # key and the ZESA prepaid meter number and send that to 32020. For example 0712000000#654191001 and send to 32020. After registration on your OneWallet Menu you will see ZESA Prepaid appearing. You will then be able to define the amount you would like to purchase, upon which you will receive the recharge PIN from ZESA via SMS. When you are home you will input that in your prepaid meter to recharge and you are connected,” said NetOne.

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