Google offers tips to Zim developers

Andy Volk with some of the developers at the Google Talk
Andy Volk from Google with some of the developers at the talk

Hypercube Hub recently hosted a quick skills dissemination session for developers with a representative from Google South Africa, Andy Volk.

The early morning chat saw the developers present get tips on tools that improve the development process with questions on aspects such as Android development and cloud cloud platforms being addressed.

Andy Volk, who is the Google Developer Relations Program Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, offered a link to his Google+ profile. On this profile he posted links to material which covers areas such as Android design, Stackoverflow for Android, building smartphone and feature phone-optimized websites and responsive Web Design.


One significant issue raised at the skills session was the opportunity for Zimbabweans to create a local Google Developer Group. These groups or GDGs are community driven chapters of Google tech enthusiasts.

Google Developer Groups (GDGs) bring together developers with a keen interest in Google’s developer technology who get to share knowledge at meetups. Technologies discussed include Google’s cloud platforms, Android, Drive and Chrome.Other Google areas that GDGs dig into include product APIs such as the Cast API, Maps API and the YouTube API.

Some of the developers present at the Google talk expressed an interest in actively participating in a local GDG. Interestingly a look at Google’s global GDG directory shows two GDGs already set up in Zimbabwe, under the “incubating” status.

Since membership for any GDG chapter is open to any enthusiast in the vicinity, local developers with a craze for keen on being part of the Zimbabwean GDG can follow the link here, get in touch with the local coordinator and participate in the activities that the GDG is set to host in the future.

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