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Sat Space Africa now providing Ka-Band solution for Zimbabwe


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Sat Space Africa, a regional VSAT and internet services provider is now providing a Ka-band VSAT Internet solution in Zimbabwe. This solution is provided using HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellite to provide high-speed broadband connectivity.

According to the official communication from Sat-Space this product is geared at providing a solution to small and medium sized businesses across Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Sat Space Africa, headquartered in Namibia, has been in broadband services since 2005 and operates services over 5 different satellites. As recently as late last year it made the news for strengthening its coverage across Africa by gaining additional capacity on its AFRICASAT-1a satellite.

According to J.J. Masanga, the Sales Executive for Sat Space Africa in Zimbabwe and Zambia they operate through local resellers and licensed IAPs who will pick up VSAT kits from their warehouse in Harare.

A full kit comprising of everything needed for a complete installation costs $650 dollars before VAT, a figure which falls in the same region as TelOne’s $670 VSAT package which we talked a bout some time ago.

The cost of data also competes with TelOne’s package as well , with 30 GB from Sat Space going for $199 versus TelOne’s $204. A further breakdown of Sat Space Africa’s prices can be obtained from their office on request.

This VSAT service is the same product that was being offered by another VSAT provider called Stargaze and is also what TelOne has been pushing as its VSAT product.

All three providers are working with a carrier called Avanti Communications, which sells wholesale data telecoms to service providers which then use them to create networks for enterprise, carrier, government and consumer users.

Sat Space Africa’s intention to kit out SMEs with VSAT services will likely resonate with enterprises in areas where other broadband services are not easily accessible.

The full press release from Sat Space Africa is available below.

Sat Space Africa Press Release

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