“Forced” to sign up for Ecosure? Here’s how to opt out

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EcoSure-SMSWhen we mentioned how Econet had successfully signed up over 1 million users for its mobile micro-insurance service EcoSure in two months, we also pointed out that some subscribers were forced to sign up for the service.

I wasn’t amused by the text that told me to keep a dollar in my EcoCash wallet for service I hadn’t registered to use or the message that I had already paid for EcoCash.

While EcoSure might be an awesome product, there is no reason why it should be forced on people.

While we wait for an explanation (coupled with an apology perhaps?) from Econet and some form of intervention from the regulator(s) (POTRAZ, Insurance Council and RBZ) you might as well save yourself the unwanted expense.

Here are the steps to follow if you want to disable the auto debit facility and prevent an unwarranted $1 deduction from your EcoCash wallet.

  1.  Dial *900#
  2. Proceed to enter your EcoCash PIN
  3. On the menu select option 4: Manage Policy
  4. Select Option 2: Disable Premium Auto Debit
  5. Select Option 1 to Confirm

EcoSureAlternatively you can just send an SMS that reads STOP#CMS to 30440. I tried this though but couldn’t get a response. I guess it was probably because I hadn’t been given that instructional SMS in the first place since I wasn’t an Ecolife subscriber back in the day.



  1. TheKing

    Clearly POTRAZ is powerless, how can they let Econet get away with this? Maybe it’s because the government is at the mercy of Econet, that 30 mil bailout bought them a do all you want pass

  2. Ken

    Hey, can you please get in touch with me using the email I’ve provided. I’m a researcher in Kenya and need some quick research done on EcoCash in Zim. Happy to pay for it!

  3. Dzinaishe

    hopefully something gets done, I really need my dollar back. tingatogara tichitya kugara mari iri muecocash wallet ka coz vanongotora

  4. Munya

    Thanks for the info. Pleas tell me why 11 US cents can’t phone out. What happened to the per-second billing policy? Please POTRAZ help! Unless these mobile service providers give you limitless vouchers, you should have encountered the problem I highlighted above.

    1. Terry

      I have experienced the same problem. I had 14 cents but couldnt call out. Didnt get it since i was just a cent lower than the actual cost of calling for a minute.

    2. Carl

      Munya – did you just say POTRAZ help – you have better chance of getting a copy of Detox, or Half-life 3 or Digital streaming from ZBC

  5. KG

    You know they have done this quite a bit. \they did this to me (and a few others) with ecocash itself back then and while I felt violated I decided to shut up cause they saved that opening $5 and a trip to an econet shop. Cost me nothing so whatevs. But fact is a very questionable way of doing things and worse so when it costs people money. I moved to the other network now but I think I should fish my econet line out of the iPad and make sure they didn’t pull this one on me again.

  6. Kikidzai

    I guess this is how they always manage to massage their numbers to portray an aura of performance. The issue about their reported mobile subscriber base comes to mind. Doesn’t anyone audit these numbers independently or have these guys grown so big no one can do anything about them anymore?

  7. Anonymous

    thanks, you are the best

  8. joyman

    i was really incensed with such kind of behaviour. My main problem is that they are making deductions without our consent. I was just thinking if they can do it with Ecosure they could be doing it with buddy where they deduct from our airtime without us noticing, they could be doing it willy-nilly. POTRAZ needs to investigate this

    1. Evans

      I thought it was clear that they were going to debit your Ecocash account. Why would they ask you to leave a dollar if they were not going to take it?

  9. musa

    this #EcoThieving should stop. their continual deductions on my airtime has caused me to buy a netone line.

  10. Matigary

    These EcoCrooks have been stealing from every angle – buddie, ecocash, ecolife, ecofood eco whatever. Bloody thieves!!

  11. sam kanyati

    i have tried the *900# bt I am failing to opt out because only 2 options are available
    2.cancel & exit.

  12. patie G

    1 can we have an option which works to opt out on content staff I’m tired of receiving your text your 30440 does not work you said it was a trail run for 7 days &pliz can explain this stealing of my airtime sure ndogara phone isina mari here? Even off mobile data you are still taking my airtime ,I’m considering moving to other networks we get so much for a dollar there 10mins is not enough for a $1

  13. Cherekedzai Madziva 0773 893318

    Handina kujoiner ecosure ini asi murikungotora mari kuecocash ac yangu.Ndidzorereiewo mari yangu ndapota

  14. Anonymous

    Please vanhu we eccosure musaita hhazvina kunaka kungotora mari dzevanhu I dont like your service

  15. Vivian

    I was forced to sign up with a list of my dependants now I want to opt out what do I do dialing 900 is not helping at pliz help

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