Here’s how to get WhatsApp voice calling: Download this update & we’ll call you

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So the news today is that in some parts of the world WhatsApp has opened WhatsApp calling invites to everyone using Android. So like some of you, we now have the latest WhatsApp calling feature. We’re calling each other already at the office!

If you’re on Android, it’s not hard to get it too. Here’s how: Download the latest WhatsApp version – .561 on this page here and there you will see a form to enter your number so we can call you to enable the calling once the you have the new version installed.

Please note that the one in the Play Store is way behind (.528 or so), and so is the version on the WhatsApp website (.560). You will therefore need to download the one in the link provided.

If you’re having any problems, then let us know in the comments and we’ll see how we can help with the information we have.

Enjoy those WhatsApp bundles while they last!

WhatsApp Download and Call Request Page

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  1. lavneet

    Call me @ 919413821007


      Please call me on WhatsApp @ +91 9811741915

      1. Anonymous

        plz call me 00263774795148

      2. prince

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    2. Eduardo

      Plz, call me at +556181959927.
      Thanks in advance!

      1. gharbawi

        please call me , i cant find anyone around me who activated it

  2. tatenda

    I downloaded the new version but i cant see any option for calling

    1. Dk

      me to Tatenda;TechZim try something;am using Samsung S3

      1. Anonymous

        see instructions

        1. Anonymous

          Link not working

  3. Prateek Gupta

    please call me +919034655400

    1. Afroz Ansari


      1. Fazil Sharieef

        plz call me: 8220493860


        Messsssss u

  4. ic0n1c

    One moment I wish I was on android…

  5. CZ

    Oh shucks! List already closed? Guys!

    1. Anonymous

      see link for instruction

  6. Zimstar

    Anyone with the app please call me on +1-202-446-6500 Purizi anhu woye!

  7. simba

    i have installed the update. But i did not see the form to enter my number. my watsapp number is 0712560968. Assist pliz

  8. SoTypMe

    I refresh Techzim every hour…how did the form get closed so quickly?

  9. Dk

    I hav downloaded and install the update but still no calling item,kindly help. Anyone already calling using the App? How is it?

    1. Dk


  10. Tatenda

    please call me on 0772974514

  11. japhet

    please call me on +27843237003

  12. Anonymous 2

    Thanks for the share, but you should know the form is dead now

  13. Jack

    Please call 0774112727

  14. Megha

    Please call this number. +232 79500009

  15. Maestro.

    Apparently the UI changes once you are called and starts appearing like the one in the screenshot. Please anyone who has been activated help by calling +263777084825

  16. Prasanna

    Please call this number. +919980988832

  17. TT

    I have installed the app but the other user even after answering i still get the ringing tone

  18. bilal


  19. Richman

    i would like to be called to have whatsapp call , my number is +263773061666

  20. tinashe

    send an inivte to 0772421930 will call you

    1. Mutsa

      Did you get the feature activated for yourself?

  21. Chiki

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  22. Sahidul

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  23. gweru

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  24. loy

    i ask someone to call me but nothing happen…..
    any one hr got activated?
    can try to call me please

  25. loy

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    tnx to my far frnd who called me….

  26. wyz

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  27. Trust

    I managed to make a call thanks

    1. Anonymous

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  28. Trust

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  29. sam

    if anyone need a call to enable the feature then whatsapp me at +1623221716

  30. sam

    if anyone need a call to enable the feature then whatsapp me at +16232217196

    1. Anonymous

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  31. sibbs

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  32. vikash

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    1. Anonymous

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  36. Maithandi

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  37. Farai

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    1. Anthony

      Can you call me please to activate my service since yours is activated ?

    2. Anthony

      Can you call me please to activate my service since yours is activated ? +96176629797

  38. tonde

    please call me +263778093165

  39. SoTypMe

    Never seen so many call me backs in one place before. This comment thread would be a spammer’s dream.

    1. Anonymous

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  40. Munhu

    For Activation call , APP me on +27785092918 and i will send you an activation call.

  41. Tawanda

    Call me! 0772262007

  42. GK


  43. GK

    Thanks @ Munhu. Got activated by +27785092918

  44. Activator

    Mine is active so anyone who needs a call. App me on 0774686236

    1. Androider

      Thanks, was activated by Activator

    2. Talat

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  45. Anna Faraday

    Please call me on +363773215887

  46. faysal ahamed

    How can I active whatsapp free call.
    Ples let me know

  47. Anna Faraday

    Activated by Munhu +27785092918

  48. Megatron

    Please call me on +263772278525

  49. jatin

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  50. rajneesh kumar

    Plz call me on 9852322566

  51. rajneesh kumar

    Plz call me on +919852322566

  52. Sony Z-series

    I managed to test run it, finally. Here is what i have noticed after trying it out with a bunch of friends so far.
    1. When both of you are on wifi, the caller and the receiver, it works perfect. The audio quality is super fine more like viber and skype.
    2. When calling a person who is using whatsapp bundles (whilst you are on wifi/mobile data it looks as if they are not answering, kind of ignoring you gwaan. In fact they will picking their phones as normal as possible but there is no voice/sound content from either end. (i think whatsapp bundles don’t work with this thing, these MNO’s should have blocked that). This also happens if a person is calling you using Whatsapp bundles. No voice.

  53. Braam 539

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  54. Anonymous

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  55. KANNAN

    please invite me for whatsapp call… i have latest version

  56. Basil Ehab

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  57. lewis

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  59. kamal

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  60. TendyT

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  61. dhruv

    I have call feature activated in my Whatsapp.. If anybody want me to invite you people.. Text me on Whatsapp 9567264652

    1. Yas

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  62. bmabbas

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  64. prabh

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    1. Simba

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  68. cool

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  69. cool

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    1. Simba

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  70. Raj

    Thanks you very much Munhu. Got it activated by +27785092918

  71. malairaj

    My WhatsApp no+65.83562257

    1. malairaj

      My number 83562257

  72. tinashe

    hello everyone. ver2.11.561 is not an original version its for activation only its LEGAL though. So after your number has been activated please uninstall ver2.11.561 and download the original version 2.11.560 from Your call option wont be affected. Please backup your conversations first before installing.

  73. Anonymous

    Soplz call on +917572053665

  74. Priyanka Lodha

    Plz Give me a call at +918959333331

  75. shashank

    I activated the feature but when i am calling someone i am unable to hear sound. Why is it so?

  76. neeraj

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  77. kay

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  79. Balit

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  119. Anonymous 2

    This is just a PSA, maybe tchzim could post it to the facebook page. Scam messages promissing activation have started circulating trying to cash in on the whatsapp call hype. Here is the one i got “Hey, i am inviting you to try whatsapp calling click here to activate now –>” (obscured link to prevent accidents!)

  120. Anonymous

    call me 263774067448

  121. Anonymous

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  122. kalpana

    I HV updated my version to 2.12.7 BT still I can’t activate my watsapp calling facility after receiving a call don’t know what to do

  123. Mehmet Akansel

    Please call me at +905333283310 to get my Whatsapp calling feature activated. Thanks in advance.

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  128. Maestro.

    Anyone having trouble getting activated just download version 2.12.7 from official Whatsapp page then app me on +263777084825 and i will call you.

    1. Anonymous

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  147. huniland

    okay. on a more serious note. i uptaded my up using play store and i now have version 2.12.5. i received a couple of calls but still no change. any ideas

  148. ryan8665
  149. Mimi

    Hi, I downloaded version 2.12.12, and got someone who can call on whatsapp to call me, but I still don’t have the call option tabs myself. Help…

  150. Anonymous

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  156. Tendayi jemus

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  157. alan

    Thanks for you continued updates…
    But on the aforementioned it loads version 2.12.12
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  159. lonely

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