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Here’s how to get WhatsApp voice calling: Download this update & we’ll call you

So the news today is that in some parts of the world WhatsApp has opened WhatsApp calling invites to everyone using Android. So like some of you, we now have the latest WhatsApp calling feature. We’re calling each other already at the office!

If you’re on Android, it’s not hard to get it too. Here’s how: Download the latest WhatsApp version – .561 on this page here and there you will see a form to enter your number so we can call you to enable the calling once the you have the new version installed.

Please note that the one in the Play Store is way behind (.528 or so), and so is the version on the WhatsApp website (.560). You will therefore need to download the one in the link provided.

If you’re having any problems, then let us know in the comments and we’ll see how we can help with the information we have.

Enjoy those WhatsApp bundles while they last!

WhatsApp Download and Call Request Page

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205 thoughts on “Here’s how to get WhatsApp voice calling: Download this update & we’ll call you

  1. i have installed the update. But i did not see the form to enter my number. my watsapp number is 0712560968. Assist pliz

  2. I hav downloaded and install the update but still no calling item,kindly help. Anyone already calling using the App? How is it?

  3. Apparently the UI changes once you are called and starts appearing like the one in the screenshot. Please anyone who has been activated help by calling +263777084825

  4. I have installed the app but the other user even after answering i still get the ringing tone

  5. i ask someone to call me but nothing happen…..
    any one hr got activated?
    can try to call me please

    1. Can you call me please to activate my service since yours is activated ? +96176629797

  6. Never seen so many call me backs in one place before. This comment thread would be a spammer’s dream.

  7. I managed to test run it, finally. Here is what i have noticed after trying it out with a bunch of friends so far.
    1. When both of you are on wifi, the caller and the receiver, it works perfect. The audio quality is super fine more like viber and skype.
    2. When calling a person who is using whatsapp bundles (whilst you are on wifi/mobile data it looks as if they are not answering, kind of ignoring you gwaan. In fact they will picking their phones as normal as possible but there is no voice/sound content from either end. (i think whatsapp bundles don’t work with this thing, these MNO’s should have blocked that). This also happens if a person is calling you using Whatsapp bundles. No voice.

  8. I have call feature activated in my Whatsapp.. If anybody want me to invite you people.. Text me on Whatsapp 9567264652

  9. Comment if u want whatscalling ,(Appliyz to the first 7 pipo to comment aftr me ,no+91 spammers , sorry)

  10. hello everyone. ver2.11.561 is not an original version its for activation only its LEGAL though. So after your number has been activated please uninstall ver2.11.561 and download the original version 2.11.560 from Your call option wont be affected. Please backup your conversations first before installing.

  11. Hey.
    I activated the feature but when i am calling someone i am unable to hear sound. Why is it so?

  12. If you want whatsapp calling message me +919653723368. I will call you . I will help you. Message me

  13. i have just updated my whatsapp. may anyone with the calling feature pliz call me on +263 776 278 516

  14. This is just a PSA, maybe tchzim could post it to the facebook page. Scam messages promissing activation have started circulating trying to cash in on the whatsapp call hype. Here is the one i got “Hey, i am inviting you to try whatsapp calling click here to activate now –>” (obscured link to prevent accidents!)

  15. I HV updated my version to 2.12.7 BT still I can’t activate my watsapp calling facility after receiving a call don’t know what to do

  16. Please call me at +905333283310 to get my Whatsapp calling feature activated. Thanks in advance.

  17. hie I have received several calls but still haven’t been activated can somebody help

  18. Anyone having trouble getting activated just download version 2.12.7 from official Whatsapp page then app me on +263777084825 and i will call you.

  19. Techzim
    I don’t know if I’m the only one having problems with the latest version 2.12.7. It’s not activating. My number is+263 772624431

  20. This is by far the most comments i have seen on TechZim. Vanhu ve black toda zvemhahara for real…call me too kkkkk

  21. okay. on a more serious note. i uptaded my up using play store and i now have version 2.12.5. i received a couple of calls but still no change. any ideas

  22. Hi, I downloaded version 2.12.12, and got someone who can call on whatsapp to call me, but I still don’t have the call option tabs myself. Help…

  23. I receive more then 20 calls and I have the last version of whatsapp 2.12.12 ,but still I can’t call anyone !! anyone help me please this my number thank you 0096171358350

  24. my whatsapp calling was activated but lm not getting any responce when l call someone it continues to ring

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