Here’s how to get WhatsApp voice calling: Download this update & we’ll call you


So the news today is that in some parts of the world WhatsApp has opened WhatsApp calling invites to everyone using Android. So like some of you, we now have the latest WhatsApp calling feature. We’re calling each other already at the office!

If you’re on Android, it’s not hard to get it too. Here’s how: Download the latest WhatsApp version – .561 on this page here and there you will see a form to enter your number so we can call you to enable the calling once the you have the new version installed.

Please note that the one in the Play Store is way behind (.528 or so), and so is the version on the WhatsApp website (.560). You will therefore need to download the one in the link provided.


If you’re having any problems, then let us know in the comments and we’ll see how we can help with the information we have.

Enjoy those WhatsApp bundles while they last!

WhatsApp Download and Call Request Page

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