Liquid Telecom assures its staff that unlike Econet, it’s not cutting salaries

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A couple of days ago we covered the story on salary cuts being carried out at Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, a move that has been attributed to the tough operating conditions prevailing in Zimbabwe. We also quoted an article that had stated that these reductions were affecting companies related to the operator, specifically Steward Bank, Liquid Telecom and Mutare Bottling.

It turns out that Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe employees won’t be affected after all. According to information gathered from sources within Liquid Telecom, the infrastructure company’s Managing Director, Wellington Makamure, sent out an email clarifying this point.

In the communication, Makamure emphasises Liquid Telecom’s independence from Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, giving reasons why Liquid won’t be affected by the scenario at Econet. These reasons include how Liquid is managing staff levels, monitoring spending and managing costs.

Despite the close association between Liquid Telecom, which is part of the Econet Wireless Group, and Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, the two entities operate independently. This is, however, not the same arrangement that exists with entities like Steward Bank and Mutare Bottling Company that are subsidiaries of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe.


  1. TheKing


  2. King Kunta

    Liquid Telecoms is the &^$5, that’s a company to work for guys no matter what.

  3. Pedro

    So this guy is insinuating that at Liquid they are better managers of resources than the mother company? Yeah, in some way it might be true, I guess!

    1. so what

      you fail to get it pedro . liquid is not a subsdiary of econet zimbabwe (EWZ) but steward and mutare botling co. Liqiud is owned by econet wireless international group known as (EWG) officed in SA.

  4. pachedu

    i think there could be cannibalisation whereby liquid is going to erode into the business of econet and other conventional cellular technology players through VOIP which is chaeaper.Remember it is Liquid and Powertel that were digging trenches for the insatllation of fibre optic cable.These are the telcom companies of the future and for those who are fortunate enough in the industry these are the companies to work for. Correct me guys.

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