Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) to celebrate 10th anniversary with workshops

Victor Mukandatsama Avatar
Harare Institute Of Technology

Harare Institute of Technology, one of Zimbabwe’s leading tech institutions, will be hosting a series of public workshops from the 24th through to the 26th of August on various technologies from their different faculties that include the Schools of IS & Tech, Industrial Science & Tech, Business & Management Sciences and Engineering & Tech.

The workshops will be conducted by various members invited from Industry and Commerce and the university to share and discuss the subject areas and get feedback from participants on areas where there is a need for improvement. Summarily it is an interface with the public on the technology matters both taught at the university and those that are affecting Zimbabwe in general.

This is open to anyone wanting to hear and discuss a wide range of topics from Big Data, Cloud Computing and Security,  e-commerce, e-agriculture, Bio-tech, manufacturing engineering, tech entrepreneurship to pick a few. This is a great opportunity for the startups community to also obtain bits of learning and experience as it also offers follow-up interactions.

We have been to the a past event the Technovation Day which was supposed to be another interface with industry and commerce and the general public which turned out to be just a career day for shool kids.

I personally have pointed out why universities other than NUST (which has thrown a lot of support behind local hub, Skyhub) have been conspicuous by their absence from the post-graduate community of startups and general solution provision.

I would have thought they had the prerogative of transforming the various projects started by students into full-fledged businesses. We are expectant of this new initiative and hope that it will begin that extra step to create a channel from academia to business.

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