CBZ to suspend local use of VISA cards, sets new limits for international payments

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As of 5 January 2017, all CBZ issued VISA cards will cease to work locally (within Zimbabwe) but will continue to work outside of Zimbabwe for at ATMs, POS machines and any internet related transaction.

Not only will CBZ stop the use of VISA cards locally but it is also set to review the VISA card per day limits for international transactions. The new per day limits are as follows:

  • ATM Outside of Zimbabwe: US$250 per day
  • POS Outside of Zimbabwe: US$1.000 per day
  • Internet Payments: US$ 500.00 per day

This means for local transactions CBZ account holders will have to revert back to using their local Zimswitch cards which Techzim assumed people have always been using or should start using seeing that the RBZ recently reduced transaction costs.

Of more concern is the clear disparity between local and international transactions coming to fold in Zimbabwe, a situation that was not present pre-bond note introduction.

Techzim expects CBZ to do the same thing FBC recently did by making VISA client deposit USD in cash if they want to use their VISA cards internationally, they will most likely suspend any local transfers into their VISA accounts and refuse bond note deposits which go against the public notion that bond notes are on par with USD.

Also, for the CBZ to succumb to “market conditions” is worrying seeing that the bank is long known for its close ties to the Government (which owns 16% shareholding) and upholding its policies and regulations.

Techzim expects to see a lot more Banks follow suit in the coming weeks.


  1. h,c hm

    makes sense. No need to use visa or mastercard locally

  2. Tonderai

    It only makes sense that the Visa platform only be used for international transactions as the system requires use of NOSTRO funds.

  3. h,c hm

    Econet should use their own local alternative to mastercard or otherwise join zimswitch.for local transactions.

    1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      EcoCash IS the local alternative… Duh…

  4. kilotango

    Standard Chartered have already stopped local VISA. all local swipes will only work on Zimswitch. This was done about 3 weeks ago or so

  5. Mercy

    Welcome 2007… what a lovely new year to look forward to.. hip hip 2007 oooo sorry shud it be 2017… 2017 is moving forward and no way are we…. 2007 it will be in my eyes.

  6. Edmund

    THANKS this is quite informative. I would like to know the limits for Barclays visa cards I have one and am outside Zimbabwe and have no idea

  7. Anonymous

    welcome 2017 God bless us all halleluah

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