Steward Bank fails to deliver as its internet banking goes down for entire day, no explanation is provided

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Steward Bank, an Econet Wireless Zimbabwe subsidiary left some of its clients stranded today when they couldn’t access its online banking services.


Some of the users who registered complaints as early as 10 in the morning complained of an HTTP 504 error after logging into their accounts.

There were some complaints made on social media as the bank’s clients sought assistance and clarification via the Steward Bank Twitter account.


The bank did not offer an explanation for the loss of service but asked clients who were lodging complaints to try and make transactions later.

By 5 pm the issue still hadn’t been resolved and as late as 10 pm there were still questions about the service being down.

E-banking services like internet banking have become important for financial service delivery as the cash crisis has made traditional face to face banking challenging.

Steward Bank’s failure to resolve the issue will undoubtedly affect a segment of its users that have opted for online banking’s convenience.

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8 thoughts on “Steward Bank fails to deliver as its internet banking goes down for entire day, no explanation is provided

  1. still down this morning – either their tech team has no clue how to run and monitor a service or there are more sinister motives at play here

  2. this is unacceptable. Banks should be formally penalised for this kind of downtime. CABS have the EXACT same issue every now and then..and its pathetic considering how important online banking has become.

  3. Haaaa come on guys, this is not unusual. Most banks’ systems go down (even for days, without an explanation besides “Our system is down and our engineers are working on it,” and we don’t get an article on Techzim. Why Steward now??
    PS: I’m not saying its acceptable… but why pick on Steward alone?

    1. i don’t think any particular bank has had such a notable downtime since the cash crisis really bit hard – but you are right – all banks should be afforded the same bad pr in equal measure 😀

      1. We have been having the same problems with CBZ, but surprisingly nothing is being reported about it here. But when it comes to this Steward Bank techzim makes so much noise about them….
        probably they are being paid to keep quite.

  4. Can you also check on the Zimra e-filing it seems it’s down since yesterday when we badly need Tax Clearance Certficates. I hear a handful of managers in the ICT department have been suspended on corruption charges.

  5. Techzim

    I am a bit disapointed in your coverage of banks as it seems u have preferential treatment of others and are critical of others. We have been having erratic intermittent disruptions at CBZ and not one day have we had you write about it here. Thier ZIPIT send have not been working the past week leaving us soo frustrated and disgruntled.
    It seems you have something on Steward Bank, if you look at the stories on your website, they are all Steward Bank and mostly the negative reports, why are you protecting these other banks who are letting us down just the same if not worse than that bank you report on every day. Or are they paying you to turn a blind eye on them.
    I am not saying dnt report on their failures, yes u shld, but u are letting us down on turning a blind eye on the rest of the industry.
    Your coverage should be fair.

  6. Down again 5 days later. can some at steward plug the ethernet cable back in. can keep crossing my fingers everytime i have to login.

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