Instagram direct message feature makes replying to photos more personal


Instagram has recently released a new feature on their social media app. The feature will allow people who are talking with each other in Instagram direct message to reply to one another with pictures. It might sound like it was already possible but the way it’s being done is new to Instagram direct message.

The reason it’s new to Instagram direct messages is that about a month ago, Instagram released the same functionality on their Instagram stories. So the feature allows a person viewing a story to reply to that story with their own picture but the final reply will also contain the picture they are replying to. So you’d have a picture of your reaction to whatever you just saw and a small picture of the story you were viewing as a sticker somewhere on the final picture.

This is exactly the same way that it will work within Instagram direct message. When you’re chatting with a friend on Instagram and they send you a picture, you will be now presented with a new button that says “Reply” and has a camera icon next to it. Once you click this button, your camera will open and allow you to either take a picture or a video.


When the camera is opened, you’ll see the picture that your friend sent you is shown on the top right corner. After you take the video or picture that you would want to send as your reply, you will be able to add stickers, text and then send the final picture containing all that plus the original picture from your friend. Once you’re in the replying window, you can tap the picture from your friend which will be at the top right corner to resize it.

When you tap it, it will resize to take up half of the screen and the other half will display your camera window for you to take your video or picture reply. This is a nice addition to Instagram as it gives people one more extra way to personalize their communication with their friends. It might just be an interesting way to have fun with friends or just annoy others.

Let us know what you think about this feature in the comments section. Do you like it? Do you think it’s just one of those things that nice to have but not needed? Do you use Instagram at all for direct messaging your friends?

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