Planned EcoCash maintenance not related to this week’s transacting problems

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If you tried using EcoCash these past few days, you probably encountered some issues. Problems like transactions just not going through and errors on the platform similar to the one below:

EcoCash error, mobiquity

EcoCash error some subscribers experienced this week. Mobiquity is the name of the Mahindra Comviva software platform that EcoCash uses.

So yes, it’s not just you. Some also reported that the regular Econet USSD platform for buying bundles (*143#) was also down.

As you may also know, EcoCash released a notice this week informing subscribers a planned system maintenance from will be carried out from saturday night to sunday afternoon this coming holiday weekend. Our quick assumption ofcourse was that the issues this week and the maintenance are related. That something needs fixing and and the whole system needs taking down for that to happen.


EcoCash Maintenance


Apparently though, it’s not so. A senior EcoCash Executive told us today:

‘The intermittent service disruption yesterday is not related to the scheduled maintenance. The system has since stabilized. The scheduled maintenance is meant to improve customer experience. We remain focussed on improving service delivery.’

It does make sense considering it’s not just Econet that’s taking advantage of the holiday long weekend to do some system maintenance. At least two other financial institutions, CBZ and POSB, are also doing system maintenance/upgrades over the weekend.


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  1. Downtime Again says:

    This is nothing new, econet/ecocash occasionally run unannounced system maintenance/repairs stealthy. They tend to do it late at night usually after 12am. Its unfortunate that i discover these system challenges when i need to use ecocash or whichever ussd menu. Am sure they doubting the length of this one hence the need to tell people in advance.

  2. mazuvamanomwe says:

    today is friday 11 august and the system is down already…

  3. Kevin says:

    System down already :/

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