[Video] “OneWallet was a disgrace. We lost $6 million dollars” says Zim government

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OneWallet which was NetOne’s first attempt at a mobile money solution used up $6 million to set up and only recovered $51 000 during its operation. Zim ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira disclosed this during a rebranding of the mobile money service yesterday.

The minister said that the OneWallet project was a disgrace to the public of Zimbabwe as NetOne is a government-owned company.

Said Supa:

NetOne was the first mobile network to be set up in this country, and they were left behind by the competition. It is a disservice. it is a disgrace to the investing public who are the people of Zimbabwe…

In a space of 4 years, we spent $6 million dollars paying a supplier of a mobile payment platform called OneWallet and that platform was only able to bring $51,000 to NetOne. Totally Unacceptable!

NetOne was also the first to launch a mobile money solution in January 2011 with EcoCash sliding onto the scene later that year in September



  1. Kondo-kwaye

    One (1)money will also FAIL!

  2. Intrigued

    Not if they offer freebies…. And they system works…. Nearly every 2nd zimbo has a Netone line…. If the trailers start accepting it plus you can move it around with zipit it mend they fully intergrated with most banks already they will pose a challenge… But knowing the corruption they will struggle

  3. @ed1

    Great attempt minister but the battle is not won by just re-branding. Many questions need to be asked about Netone like Work Ethic and Culture, Controls etc.

    Also who has been held accountable for the failure of OneWallet?

  4. Minister of cyber whatever

    Homeboy Supa surprisingly thinks that onemoney will be a different story.Maybe the losses wont be as wide as those of one wallet.Love it or hate it.In zimbabwe colgate means toothpaste.Moble money means ecocash.Even a 3 year old can tell you that.

  5. BTM

    Uuugmh wait thats relaunch of one wallet “one money” number what by the way?Aint this the 3rd or 4th time one wallet has been relaunched.I am beginning to think these relaunches are a money spinning scheme . . .

  6. Anonymous

    too much bureaucracy an no work, for a 2million dollars we can supply you a working solution and run it for you.

  7. Chamboko

    How does the minister of ict come and launch n give product knowledge and evaluation of a company. Where is the ceo or cfo of this company