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BREAKING: It’s  Not Just You. Internet Goes Down In Zimbabwe

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This morning, at around 11:30 AM Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe, an Econet Wireless Zimbabwe subsidiary had a major fibre outage that affected the bulk of Zimbabwe’s internet users.

As at the time of writing, Liquid, ZOL, Econet are down, while NetOne, which probably was riding on Liquid at the time of the outage was momentarily down as well. It would appear that NetOne, on noticing the dropping of internet switched to a backup link in order to continue offering their customers access to the internet.

Telecel and TelOne were not affected, or if so, it was not experienced at the Techzim office.


The outage was a big deal because of the amount of users that ride on Liquid Telecom, over 75% when looking at just Econet alone. According to the POTRAZ Industry Performance Report for Quarter 2 2017 Liquid Telecoms Zimbabwe carries 81.4% market share of equipped international internet bandwidth.

When contacted ZOL Customer Care stated that they are experiencing service interrupts due to a “core platform failure” and their engineers are working flat out to rectify the problem.

What has caused the problem is still unclear, however, Techzim will update you as soon as we are aware. At this point in time it does not seem like it is politically motivated.

If internet is/was down for you, do advise where you were trying to access the internet from and using what type of a connection? How long were you down for? How much of an inconvenience was this for you?

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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