Experiencing Slow Speeds? It’s Not Just You, ZOL Is Aware And On It

ZOL Fibroniks billboard

If you are a ZOL user and have been experiencing slower than normal internet speeds stop poking your router. It has nothing to do with the equipment in your home or office.


ZOL issued a statement regarding the sub-par internet speeds:

Degraded Internet Speeds


Please note that we are currently experiencing degraded internet speeds on our network due to a break on one of our main fiber lines. Our engineers are working to resolve this in the shortest time possible.

We sincerely apologise for inconveniences caused.

You may recall that there was an internet outage in Zimbabwe on the 5th of December 2017 which was caused by a tractor cutting through one of Liquid Telecom’s suppliers’ fiber lines. The break this time is not quite at that level.

ZOLLiquid Telecom

ZOL is one of the biggest internet service providers in Zimbabwe with a growing coverage base which includes most of the country's major cities such as Harare and Bulawayo. The company provides fibre, VSAT and wireless Internet services to a large range of clients from... Read More About ZOL

Liquid Telecom is one of the fastest growing internet service providers in Zimbabwe in particular and Africa in general. It provides state of the art fibre internet which links Zimbabwe and the Southern African region to the outside world. The company is a subsidiary of... Read More About Liquid Telecom

One thought on “Experiencing Slow Speeds? It’s Not Just You, ZOL Is Aware And On It

  1. Ridiculous that we find about this from TechZim and not Zol, especially considering they send me messages warning me I am being slowed down whenever I dare utilise my fibre connection fully. Zol take their customers for granted.

    Is there any update as to when speeds will return to their normal “speed”?

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