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Top 10 Development Courses On Udemy, Limited Offer To Pay Via Ecocash Available


Udemy is running one of its many promotions again. For $11.99 you can enroll into a course of your choosing. Because making international payments is kinda of hard I have tabled a limited offer that will allow you to enroll using Ecocash. Please see last two paragraphs for details.

Quick Assessment of Udemy

If you don’t know, Udemy is an online platform that offers short specific courses from Go programming to photography.So from my last posts on the subject it seems when it comes to Udemy people either love the platform or hate it. Say whatever you will though the site does have its merits and uses. I would recommend the platform to those:

  1. Who are know more about their hobby for example programming or photography
  2. Are looking for a specific computing skill for example Photoshop and don’t want to have to go through the pain of CS 101 just so they can edit cat photos
  3. People who want to learn a new programming language or skill for business purposes but without going through full time academic training
  4. A graduate who wants to learn another language they didn’t learn in class. What’s the fuss all about this Ruby thing?
  5. Startup founders who want to augment their skills for example Digital Marketing

Udemy is by no means the only platform and depending on your needs it might not even be the best. It is in my experience usually the cheapest and depending on your course hunting skills offers the best introductory courses. I am talking from experience here.

My use case for Udemy

So I am a blogger by profession and I run and own several blogs. Being a Zimbabwean I cannot afford managed hosting so I manage all the blogs by myself. I use WordPress so I have to carry out all the tweaks on my sites because I cannot afford to hire anyone.

While I was born on the Linux command line I only mastered HTML, PHP and lately JavaScript thanks in large part to Udemy. I have of course made extensive use of free resources like Codecademy, Youtube and Tutorials Point. I have also used paid resources like Envato, SitePoint and of course Udemy. Udemy has always been the launchpad for all these skills.

Top ten courses I would recommend

Bearing in mind what I have said above here are ten courses I would recommend:

So the list is a bit skewed towards the Web Development side exposing my personal bias but you are always free to search for your preferred course.

Will I turn into a programming wizard after

Despite what movies and TV shows will have you believe programming takes a lot of hard work, passion and dedication. While the courses above will get you started you will need to further whatever skills you learn on your own. Join a FOSS project on GitHub, become a blogger, create your own website from scratch solving a personal problem you have look at for example, join a Stake Exchange for the language and try and help other people.

I have always wanted to learn Python, I purchased a Udemy course back in 2016 and yet apart from the basic import and “Hello, World” I am pretty much useless  at the language. Why? Well I don’t really make use of the language in my daily life. The result  is that every time I learn it I manage to unlearn it due to neglect.I use PHP, CSS and HTML on a regular basis so these have stuck with me. There is a lesson for you somewhere in that story.

The Ecocash Offer

To take advantage of this promotion you will need PayPal and/or a Visa/MasterCard that can make international payments. Most banks will require you to prefund these using foreign currency. The goods news is you can get an FBC prepaid MasterCard or the Steward prepaid Visa without being asked to provide them with name of your great -great grandfather or any of that KYC nonsense banks typically ask for. An ID and sworn statement that you live at a given address ought to suffice.

For a limited time and on a first come first serve basis I am offering those who are interested the ability to use Ecocash to pay for a course of their choice. My bank does not accept ZIPIT and no one uses Telecash or Onemoney so don’t unfortunately I cannot help you with these.

To take advantage of these offer please get in touch with me: garikaib (at) gmail dot com . You will naturally have to reconstruct the email address. This offer is valid until my funds run out. Even then as always you can take advantage of the discount using your own MasterCard and Visa.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Development Courses On Udemy, Limited Offer To Pay Via Ecocash Available

  1. LOL, this “limited offer” has been going on with techzim since about May 2017. Thats a limited offer ongoing for +/- 10 months now. Will this limited offer ever end ?!

    1. I think you misunderstood the title. These courses are run by Udemy a US based company please see which requires you use a Visa/MasterCard to enroll into the courses of your choice.This is a limited offer to help those who want to enroll but don’t have a Visa Card or MasterCard that can make international payments. Payments are made on such people in exchange for Ecocash. This offer is limited to a certain figure each time once the funds run out the offer ends.

      1. On the contrary, i think I do understand. I am very educated in the nuances of the english language. And many other languages for that matter. Thank you for the clarification.

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