Netone Donates Wi-Fi Devices In Rural Areas To Increase OneMoney Customers

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Netone through OneMoney is donating wi-fi devices to councils in rural areas so that district administrators can make smooth OneMoney transactions whilst simultaneously increasing internet access to the remote areas. This comes after Netone introduced EasyCover late last month to propel the use of its mobile money platform, OneMoney. 

The wi-fi devices called One-Fi have already been issued to councils in Hurungwe, Mazowe, Mudzi etc.

Brian Mautandiro, Netone’s Acting Chief Executive Officer alluded to the difficulties council officials are facing in order to make payments to their respective recipients hence his organization by providing the wi-fi devices seeks to alleviate councils of these challenges.

District administrators have been facing challenges to make payments from their respective centers and as a result had to travel to the nearest town where banking facilities are available

Although Zimbabwe is experiencing a continued rise of internet and mobile penetration, rural areas make up a worryingly huge percentage of areas without internet access so Netone could be seeking to bridge that gap as well as increasing the user base of OneMoney by giving out wi-fi devices to councils.

All these efforts by Netone are meant to provide a decent competition to Econet’s Ecocash. Will OneMoney ever disturb Ecocash’s dominance in the mobile money sector?




  1. Fusion

    Worth a shot. At this point anything is with trying and sore make sense on paper

  2. WeZaka

    I think what they need is proper network coverage, what use is a One-Fi device when the coverage is poor. It is high time they also introduce a zero rated App like econet did. They arelagging behind in evrything, i think they should have copied econet and be even more innovative. Its unfortunate that their business model is along another failure like them, telecel. Chiuyai muiti zvimwezvo kuZaka Jerera tione.

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