Ruvheneko Appointed To Senior Position At Zimpapers

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Government-owned, Zimpapers Group has restructured its senior management team by appointing Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa as the company’s radio Projects Manager. The radio personality is known and remembered for hosting engaging and passionate interviews with some well known public figures that include Evan Mawarire and Tawanda Mutyebere.

The new post is another step of her ascendancy in the radio industry which stretches back to her days at the University of Cape Town when she joined its radio station. She was a radio show host on ZiFM Stereo until her untimely resignation in 2016 citing that it was a frustrating workplace hence she had to leave

In her new role, Ms. Parirenyatwa will manage the various Zimpapers radio projects of Star FM and Diamond FM. On top of that, she will oversee Kingston’s Holdings radio stations that include Nyaminyami FM and Capitalk FM.

The Group’s spokesperson said that for the company, relevant and profitable people with new skills are integral. Therefore, by recruiting the services of well-known personalities such as Ruvheneko, the government-owned company is seeking to push its radio stations to be at the forefront of the industry.


  1. Whatgives

    What exactly does the project manager role mean? Are the radio stations projects? Thought they had general managers??

    1. Happy

      Exactly so now she’s Comfort Mbofanas bossi effect. It makes no sense. They already have general managers and station managers so WHAT exactly new I she bringmg that they aren’t already expected to do??

  2. NeHanda Nyakasikana

    Does the government of Zimbabwe own a single share in ZimPapers?

    1. Alvine Chaparadza

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