HIT Hosts Engineering Competition To Showcase Students Projects

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Today we are covering the National Engineering Students Awards Competition (NESAC) at Harare Institution of Technology. The competition showcases the most exciting engineering projects from students at the institution and the projects being exhibited include:

  • Production of 15 TDP Cement from Water Treatment Sludge and Limestone Construction of Roads and Pavements
  • Development of an automated coal mine methane extraction control system.
  • An electronic health monitoring and tracking system for endangered wildlife specifies in Zimbabwe
  • Green fuel from laminated plastic composite wastes; a case of Unilever Zimbabwe
  • Design of a plant for the Conversion of Sewage Sludge to 2500 litres/day of Bioethanol: A renewable energy alternative for Zimbabwe
  • Optimization of a non-destructive quality assurance system for fruits using support vector machines
  • Radio Frequency Identification Based Highway Electronic Toll Collection System
  • Designing and fabrication of a fibre-reinforced plastics lap desk for poorly funded primary schools

Here are some of the pictures from the event:


We will be bringing you more informed articles in relation to this event later on. Stay Tuned


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  1. Sagitarr says:

    Am interested in the Fleet Management System where can I get more details? I’d like to know if it addresses the offline scenario where GSM coverage is poor and also if the vehicle movement icon is dynamic in realtime and the load factor before the system realtime activities and response times become sluggish….plus ability to use a custom map overlay other than GoogleMap..these are very common problems with FMS in Zimbabwe currently.

  2. Curious Engineer says:

    Any updates on the event? Were there any prototypes?

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