Now That Telecel Has Home WiFi -A Competitor To Wibroniks & One-Fi- Who Offers The Best Value?

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar
Telecel Zimbabwe Headquarters Harare

Telecel has finally introduced a competitor to Wibroniks and One-Fi, and as always more competition = better deals for consumers, so this is obviously welcome. So how does this new offering stack up against what ZOL and NetOne are offering. Well, it’s hard to make direct comparisons since the packages are quite different with different data caps and some providers have packages that the competition doesn’t have. Anyway, we went ahead and came up with the best comparison we could tabulate and this is what we are left with.

Data CapTelecel Home WiFiZOL WibroniksNetOne One-Fi

On paper, I would say Telecel offers the best value because they have a balance between pricing and validity. NetOne has some pretty lacklustre validity periods with their 4Gb & 5Gb and their pricing makes ZOL’s seem generous. On paper, Telecel offers the best value, but these services are not rendered on paper, so until one actually experiences the services then it’s up for debate as to which service is actually superior.



  1. Tariro Chikosha

    And telecel data network is just tooooooooo slow. Sometimes it jams up ..hope they can work on that

  2. Anonymous

    Has anyone actually tried this new offering to stream TV ie Uhuru and Netflix? What is your experience?

  3. Anonymous

    How much is the telecel home WiFi

    1. Anonymous

      The WiFi router costs $150

  4. TD

    $25 =30gig Validity 30days, Telone ADSL untill someone beat that one i will not anywhere.

  5. Haha

    ADSL from telone for the win…. With these prices it make sense to have a home and work package and you still pushin less. Telone for the win. I’ve been doing to sample the competition but their prices are ridiculous… I’ve been with telone singer intuition 5 yrs ago…. Can’t wait for their fibre to come

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