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Get This XDA 8-Course Bundle Introduces You to Python and Machine Learning, Ecocash Offer Available

Python is one of the most popular program languages out there and it’s popularity continues to grow. While it is a general purpose language it has seen extensive use in the Machine Learning world. So what do you have to do to acquire or enhance your Python and or Machine Learning skills?

Well, normally whatever you do would involve you parting with bucket loads of money. If you want to learn on your own normally I would recommend Udemy as the cheapest and best place to start. However, the folks at XDA developers have something of an irresistible offer: an 8-course bundle for which you can pay whatever price you want.

What’s included in this bundle?

The bundle includes 8 Python and Machine Learning Courses. These are separate but related courses that are frequently bought together and for less than what you would pay for one of the included courses you get access to all 8. The included courses are:

  1. An Easy Introduction To Python $99.99 Value
  2. Advanced Deep Learning With Neural Networks $99.99 Value
  3. An Easy Introduction To Deep Learning On The Google Cloud ML Engine $99.99 Value
  4. An Easy Introduction To Unsupervised Deep Learning $99.99 Value
  5. An Easy Introduction To AI And Deep Learning $99.99 Value
  6. An Introduction To Machine Learning And NLP in Python $99.99 Value
  7. An Easy Introduction To Machine Learning Using Scikit-Learn $99.99 Value
  8. An Easy Introduction To Recommendation Systems

How much do I have to pay for this bundle

Technically you can pay whatever you want however you have to beat the average price paid by the people who have already bought the course. Currently, this stands at just below $16 USD. If you match this you will get access to the entire course bundle. Payment can be made using Visa/MasterCard or PayPal.

Why you should hurry

This offer is expiring in a day or so plus remember the average price is always inching upwards as more and more people buy the course bundle so there is every reason why you should hurry. Here the earliest bird gets the worm.

About the Ecocash Offer

Most of us get paid in RTGS$ so it might be hard for us to make payment in USD. I have limited funds which I can use to help a limited number of people to get access to this course bundle using Ecocash. To take advantage of the offer:

  1. Get in touch with me via email garikaib is my Gmail handle or WhatsApp +263772473953
  2. If the offer is still available I will confirm the current ask price and give you a quote (currently $60 at $16 at time of writing) and ask you to send the money
  3. Send the money and your email
  4. I will immediately make the purchase

NB You will have to send the money within 10 minutes of me asking due to the changing nature of the price.


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