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Is Google’s New Applied Digital Skills Free Course Worth A Look?

Google’s Applied Digital Skills looks like THE STUFF! And the fact that all this content is available for free is quite amazing! The fact that the lessons offered on the portal are suitable for all age groups, from adults to children as young as Primary School students. If you’ve taken Google’s Digital Marketing course then you’ll know they have some really valuable content in these courses.

What lessons are on offer?

So the applied digital skills site has 34 lessons on offer and some lessons are as short as 45 minutes whilst others last as long as 9 hours, so there’s a lot of content to chew through. Some of the more interesting lessons I saw for adults include;

  • Event planning
  • Online research
  • How to make a budget
  • Project planning
  • Job hunting
  • Effective communications at the office
  • How to negotiate for better salaries
  • Building an online business

These are not all of them but they are certainly the ones that piqued my interest. A course like the one on effective communication is something that your entire company can take and being able to do so from one source without compromising your budget sounds like a good idea to me. Now I haven’t personally watched any of these just yet but I think as a free tool, it might be a good place to start.

For High -school and primary students these were some of the lessons that seem valuable;

  • Technology, Ethics, and Security
  • Technology’s Role in Current Events
  • Create an Editing Tool with Programming
  • Data analysis & Data visualization for beginners
  • Program a Progress Bar
  • Spreadsheet organization

It’s clear that from these courses your kids could learn a number of valuable skills such as coding, staying safe on the internet, spreadsheets and when all is said done they can still take the adult courses and tackle the more complex content if your kid has the taste for it. Anyway more free learning material is always welcome and having some of these skills will certainly give you a competitive edge, either in the classroom or office.

Check out Google’s Applied Digital Skills Course

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