Steward Banks Much Hyped Sosholoza Launch Still Hasn’t Happened


Over the past 3 weeks Steward Bank has been hyping up the launch of a new product/service they’ve been calling Sosholoza and if you were following their hype train you would’ve assumed that by now Techzim would have all the answers and we would’ve started talking about.


Well, with this article we have started talking about it but unfortunately we don’t have the answers yet. The Live Launch which was supposed to have started at 3 PM and ended by now was plagued with some technical glitches. Initially the launch was delayed by an hour and then when it started there was no sound.

Later on there was an update that there were some technical issues and the launch was being pushed back. Unfortunately that part of the stream was glitching and we did not hear when the launch will be.


What went wrong?

Livestreaming seems like a walk in the park if you’re the one consuming but for the guys who get to set it up it can be a nightmare and I got to experience a similar sound issue first-hand last year.

I accompanied our Video Guru to setup livestreaming equipment once and we wrestled with a sound cable for 4 hours. Now if we had not gone to set this up a day prior to the stream we were going to have a “Steward” on our hands. Fortunately the stream went on flawlessly but after that experience I fully understand how complex that stuff can get.

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