ZESA Token System Currently Down Says EcoCash


If you’re currently trying to purchase ZESA tokens via EcoCash you may be facing some challenges and that’s because the system isn’t working as advertised right now.


The mobile money service provider sent out the statement below making it clear the problem lies with ZESA’s system:

Dear Valued Customer


You may experience service disruptions in trying to purchase ZESA prepaid tokens as the ZESA token purchase system is not stable.

We are working with ZETDC and Powertel to resolve the technical challenge and we will advise you as soon as normal service is restored.

We are pleased to advise that all other services on EcoCash are working.

It’s probably a good idea to buy your ZESA tokens using other means whilst this disturbance is attended to.

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One thought on “ZESA Token System Currently Down Says EcoCash

  1. A week later and zesa tokens thru ecocash still not working – takes my money out of my ecocash though!!
    What progress?
    Will be refunded?
    Are they being hacked?

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