Ziminvoice Is An Online Bookkeeping Platform Designed For SME’s and Startups


You may soon need to ditch using Pastel or Quickbooks in favour of a homegrown accounting software/platform. Ziminvoice is a new online accounting platform that has been developed by our very own local entrepreneur, Byron Kabaira.


Ziminvoice works pretty much like other popular software like pastel, only that it’s designed for Small-to-Medium Enterprises. That isn’t Ziminvoice’s selling point- the price to use the platform is competitive relative to the mainstream softwares/platforms.

At its best, Ziminvoice offers SME’s the convenience to do their bookkeeping on-the-go as the platform (which is a web-page) can be easily accessed on the phone. I like the interface Ziminvoice’s- its not cluttered, which makes it easy to use the platform on smartphones.


Why ZimInvoice

The developer of Ziminvoice says he wants to make bookeeping accessible to all those small business who can’t afford to use mainstream softwares and platforms.

SMEs have become a significant contributor to national economies across the world, but still remain marginalised by our mainstream accounting service providers, yet they need this guidance more than ever.

The reason why most small businesses do not have a professional bookkeeping structure is largely due to the cost of employing these services and as for freelancers, I refer to the majority of people running one-man businesses.

Ziminvoice plays the significant role of bringing a professional bookkeeping solution while easy on the pocket. The software is online-based, making it easy to access while on the go.

Not only can an SME manage its finances better but hey its a fact that using accounting softwares/platforms saves hours of time compared to handling the books manually. Of course, if you are a soletrader with no employees, low or no inventory and a handful of customers, you may not even need to use Ziminvoice or any other accounting software.

But if you are the opposite of this, thus if your business deals with reasonably many customers and investory then Ziminvoice will spare you the frustrating and time-consuming effort of manually handling your books.

Where to access ZimInvoice

Click this link

And if you want to test how it works, log in with the following details:

Username –

Password – 12testing

For more info about ZimInvoice, contact: +263 773 757 575

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10 thoughts on “Ziminvoice Is An Online Bookkeeping Platform Designed For SME’s and Startups

  1. This is an interesting news article. Without mention of the price, the article is incomplete.

  2. Hello Tafara. U may contact me on 0773757575 and I will gladly assist.

    Kind Regards

    Byron Kabaira
    Ziminvoice Co-founder

  3. Hi, please have some information on a website about the product, you not doing so shows either lack in confidence in it or lack of knowledge of your own product. I for instance am very hesitant on engaging people on phone and prefer email or getting most info i need on the website, in most cases i want to make a decision without having to get in touch you. With current state am likely to not take you seriously and this is the same for many business people. You are short changing your solution and it deserves better.
    SSL certificate costs $5 on it should be ok for you to start with and them upgrade to a better one as you get more traffic.
    Remember you are dealing with data for organisations and as small as some SMEs may be the data is still valuable.
    If don’t fix this someone is going to replicate your solution, solve the problems ,make it secure , package it properly and you will cry to be cheated when they start making money based on your failure to package your good solution.
    Not that i want to be hash but setup a website, have a link to the demo from there on your menus, tell us more about the product, show some pictures or even a small video of the solution. add an email we can contact you on , register a free mailchimp account and use that to collect information from those who want to subscribe to get info from you.
    A simple wordpress site will do, you can even use a free theme to get this done, and you can even do this over the weekend.

  4. I can almost swear I’ve seen a Laravel video tutorial on Udemy or Udacity to build something that resembles this. That said, there are numerous open source solutions that can do the same for FREE, such as . If you are providing SaaS you must bring something extra to the table, more than just hosting.

  5. Not even an option to sign up on the given link but only sign in, that means new users will have to do some donkey work of locating the developer to get sign credentials before, they can access

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