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How To Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

It’s not only our phones that we would like to preserve their power during the load shedding, but our beloved laptops too.

There are things that you can do to save your laptop’s battery so that you can use these handy computers for long.

Turn down your brightness

Your display is a huge drain on your laptop’s battery life, so the less power you can make it use, the better.

The brightness setting is also dependent upon your surroundings as if you are in the dark place you can minimize the brightness but under the bright sunlight you cannot reduce it too much as you will not be able to see the content properly in low brightness.

Quit out of programs you are not using

This is the same thing you do on your phone to save some battery. If you are not using certain applications and programmes, quitting out of them will reduce the strain on your computer’s processing, leaving you with a happier battery.

Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth

You have probably heard that turning on airplane mode will save your battery life on your phone, and the same principle holds true for your laptop. Turning your Wifi and Bluetooth off will save battery power that your computer is not using to search for new networks.

Unplug your accessories

Keeping your external hard drive connected to your computer will transfer power from your laptop to the device, draining your battery quicker. The same goes for any other thing you might plug in like webcams, external keyboards, etc.

Turn off your keyboard backlight

Your keyboard may have little lights behind the keys to illuminate them. This is great if you are a mole person who lives in the dark, but not really necessary if you are using your laptop in any kind of lighting. Turning this feature off will save you some power.

Mute your speakers or use headphones

This trick surprised me, although it makes perfect sense. When you hear audio coming from your laptop, that audio needs power in order to become audible (and the louder it is, the more power it needs). So, mute your laptop or, if you absolutely need to listen to something, use earphones.

Hopefully these tricks will buy you enough time to finish up whatever you have to do on your laptop.

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  1. If you are using a mac, use Safari and not chrome, It is optimised for better power usage on mac than chrome and significantly increases the time u have on ur battery

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