5 Sites To Download Latest Versions Of GB WhatsApp

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Despite temporarily banning people for using modded apps, WhatsApp has failed to entirely dissuaded fans of these apps from using them. Those that get banned patiently wait for their ban to expire and again hop on the modded WhatsApp apps.

There are quite number of these apps but the famous one around here is GB WhatsApp. Since GB WhatsApp is said to be less secure than the original WhatsApp, it’s not on Google play store (or App Store) and it’s sometimes hard to find the apps’s latest version on the internet.

To that end, I have compiled 5 websites that more often than not host the latest version of GB WhatsApp. Here are they:


Not only does the site host GB WhatsApp latest versions but also WhatsApp Plus latest version as well. You can download the latest GB WhatsApp straight from the homepage but for WhatsApp Plus you’d have to navigate to the sections of the web to download the latest version.



The site tells the size of the GB WhatsApp and the kind of Android software that supports the latest version.



The site claims that it not only can give you Android GB WhatsApp latest versions but also iOS GB WhatsApp version. As far as I know, having an app like GB WhatsApp on an iOS device is virtually impossible because of Apple’s strictly controlled ecosystem. But there are some people who claim that its possible to a have modded apps like GB WhatsApp on an iPhone.



Latestmodapk is the home of both latest versions of GB WhatsApp and GB Instagram, another modded app. The site is easy to navigate to download both GB WhatsApp or Instagram.



Official Plus is one website I can confer the honour of being the official home of GB WhatsApp since more often than not it has the more advanced versions of the app – that also applies to GB Instagram.


P.S: We don’t endorse the use of modded apps like GB WhatsApp because they are a security risk for the user and soon the use of WhatsApp modded apps will be unlawful.

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  1. AA

    Guys really?

    The official link for GBmod is http://www.gbmods.co/

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      Thanks for the link

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      modgb.com is now the official site for GB by Omar

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    So you are aiding..

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    So you are aiding

  4. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    We don’t endorse the use of modded apps like GB WhatsApp because they are a security risk for the user and soon the use of WhatsApp modded apps will be unlawful. But, nonetheless, we will help you do it and put a disclaimer to protect ourselves when your device is compromised.

  5. Anonymous

    For how long will I wait it has temporary banned

  6. Nene

    every user should be allowed to use whichever version of WhatsApp they like and are comfortable with so i don’t think it’s a wise thing for the WhatsApp guys to force people back into the normal WhatsApp

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