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Load Shedding Should Be Easier To Bear For Motorist With This Cool Phone Car Charger

The chronic load shedding is letting us get used to waking up in the morning with no electricity. What makes it even unbearable is finding that your phone is on a low battery yet you want to rush to go to work nor do some errands.

Luckily if you are a motorist, you can charge your phone on-the-go using the car charger. But the thing is, the built-in USB ports in cars are notoriously under powered.

The USB ports in most cars function very poorly as device chargers (especially for devices like iPads and phones with fast charging capabilities).

One study found that native USB ports in most vehicles barely generate enough output to juice up our power-hungry smartphones and tablets- they charge super slow and if you use your phone whilst its charging, they will (in some cases) not even add an inch of power in your device.

The old 12V cigarette lighter port in your car, however, can give you output more than enough to charge multiple devices if you pair it with the right charger.

The Xiaomi Mi car charger is a one of the best car chargers out there that you can use to plug into your car’s cigarette lighter to charge your phone.

Why you should probably use the Xiaomi Mi Car charger?

  • It supports fast charging. If your phone is fast charging-enabled then you can fill up your device in a relatively short time.
  • It automatically adjusts its power output according to the device’s needs. Feeding your phone more than enough power or too little power only hurts power supply thats why this feature makes the Xiaomi charger preferable to others.
  • Its compatible with any smartphone and tablet.
  • It has two ports, meaning that you can charge 2 devices at the same time.

If you are looking for a simple and powerful car charger, then you probably should think about this Xiaomi charger. It’s being sold here in our shop if you ever want it.

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  1. where do i find the fuel to run my car to charge up my cellphone .. ?

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