Bustop TV Thanks Zimbabweans & Shares Update About Gonyeti

Bustop TV has released a statement thanking Zimbabweans for standing by them following the abduction of one of it’s actors, Gonyeti. Here’s the statement:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all our colleagues, friends and family who stood by us during a storm that proved not to affect us only but all our dear ones.

We felt and saw all your concerns about Gonyeti and the Bus Stop TV team. We also saw all your posts, tweets and retweets which strengthened us.


As Bus Stp TV, we are law-abiding citizens, we create content using humour to help citizens of this beloved nation cope and smile as outlined in section 16 which guarantees artistic expression.

We would like to give a special mention to our partners, associates and supporters who worked and are still working night and day to ensure that we obtain justice and all possible assistance.

A resounding thank you to MISA Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, Counselling Services Unit, Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum,
Magamba Network, Hivos Southern Africa.

If everything was in our power we would mention each one of you individually, but this is to let you know that we are fully grateful.

Sadly, Gonyeti still has leg and back pains, but she is gradually recovering.

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