EcoCash Increases Transaction Limits (August)


EcoCash has increased daily and monthly transaction limits for it’s users. The increased transaction limits are for both P2P (peer-to-peer) and P2M(peer-to-merchant) transactions. You can check the new limits below:


As you can see EcoCash has introduced the new limits according to the relationship the wallet has with banks and debit cards.


Considering that more Zim Dollars are now chasing few goods, it sensible that EcoCash has increased the transaction limits. However, the transaction limits for P2M transactions are still too low and don’t make sense.

Logically, one uses more money to make payments to merchants than to their peers. Yet the new P2M transaction limits are lower than P2P transaction limits which doesn’t make sense at all- P2M limit are $2 000 and $3 000 and P2P limit are $5000 and $10 000.

Apparently, EcoCash seems to think that P2M transactions are primarily for groceries only but there are things like phones which costs well over $3000. In that case, business that sells phones which cost that much (over $3000) won’t be able to sell them to an individual if their accepted payment option is only EcoCash.

I’m fairly sure that EcoCash is well aware of this oversight but perhaps it’s just a case of them abiding to RBZ’s directive that’s not allowing them to offer P2M transaction limits that are more than P2P transaction limits.

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