Social Media Claims About eRecruitment Portal For Nurses Are Fake Says Minister Of Health


The Minister of Health and Child Care Hon. Obadiah Moyo has come out and disputed social media claims that certain two hospitals in Bulawayo enrolled trainees from other regions whilst ignoring Bulawayo natives.

Following the recent e-recruitment of nurses, it is noted that there was some information circulating on social media purpoting that the Ministry of Health and Child Care had reversed the recruitment of nurses in Bulawayo.

I want to inform the public that the information is not true and would want to condemn under any circumstances the behaviour by such people and organisations.


Let me inform the nation that while a few people from Matebeleland region got places to train from schools in Bulawayo and surrounding areas, there are many who got training in places in other provinces and no noise has been made.

Minister Obadiah Moyo

The minister believes that those who were beneficiaries of corruption are the ones complaining about the e-recruitment nursing portal which deals with corruption by ensuring there’s no human interface when applying for posts thus minimising corruption.

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Critical Thinker
one year ago

While no human interface may be used, as indicated, there is a great disparity with regards sciences and maths (two key requirements in recruitment) teaching and learning in schools in Matabelaland versus other areas.

The education system has been greatly biased over the years with very few schools teaching the sciences effectively in Matabeleland. This is evidenced by the critical shortage of standard science labs and teachers in the region. Nust if struggling to get good science passes from Matabeleland!

The powers that be know this very well so they can rest assured that the bulk of student nurses will come from Harare and other regions outside of Matabeleland.

What should be done is to set up a quota system that will equally distribute recruited students by province.

The other issue is that the Hon Minister indicates that there are people from Matabeleland who were recruited in other places but there is no noise made.

May I challenge the Honorable Minister to release the information relating to National recruitment of nurses by Name, Surname, Institution admitted to and Province of origination.

On the other hand Mr Minister, with the prevailing economic situation, why burden these people with having to find money to move across country – if what you say is true – when they could be trained close to home… or is it a ploy to get the innocent Tonga, Suthu, Nambya, Kalanga, Venda etc girls away from their homes so that they may be impregnated by those in the areas they are deployed, therefore diminishing their already minor tribes? Just a critical thought Sir.

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    Critical Thinking 101
    one year ago

    It is true I have relatives from Bulawayo who actually applied for Harare and Mutare. I think people just want an area where everyone is. When I was at school at Uni the majority were from Matebeleland in my class, so its people’s opinion not political.

    @Critical thinker, u should know by now that there are forces trying to destabilise the nation with those fake news, the issue of the Bulawayo town council and Mthwakazi. These should be ignored.

    There’s no shortage of information and data, but individuals with the ability to discern what information is trustworthy among the abundant mix of misinformation such as fakes news, deep fakes, propaganda, etc. Critical thinking doesn’t imply being negative; it’s about being able to objectively evaluate information and how it should be used or even if it should be trusted.

    People who are open-minded, yet able to judge the quality of information inundating us are great critical thinkers.

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    Farai Mudzingwa
    one year ago


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