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Make Your iPhone A Dual SIM With This Case

One of the major limitations iPhone users faced ever since the inception of iPhones is the lack of dual SIM capabilities. Don’t get me wrong, the
new iPhones do come with dual SIM capabilities but unfortunately, people often do not upgraded iPhones for years and hence a majority of iPhone users are stuck. But a company named Krimston came up with a cool solution in the form of a charging case case called “Krimston Two”

Yes, you read that right. the Krimston Two charging case can bring dual SIM capabilities to your old iPhone that originally lacked support for the same. You might be wondering how this would even technically work. Well, the case has a built-in Nano SIM card slot where you’re supposed to insert the second SIM. By making use of the app provided by the company, users can make calls and send SMS to anyone they wish to.

The case also acts as a power bank so that you can get some extra juice when your iPhone runs low on battery power. It also brings some protection and could potentially save your handset from getting shattered to pieces during accidental drops. Check out this video to see how the case works:

iPhones supported

In case you’re wondering if your iPhone would be compatible with this new charging case, Krimston stats that its charging case is compatible with iPhone 6/6S, 6 Plus/6S Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

How much is it?

You’ll part with USD $129 to get this case. The price might sound a bit high for a charging case despite the features and possibilities it unlocks. However, we do think it is better to spend USD $129 for this case if the only reason you’re planning to shell out a lot for a new iPhone is for enjoying that dual SIM life.

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