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48 thoughts on “What Happens When You Uninstall WhatsApp Or Delete Your WhatsApp Account

  1. You don’t delete WhatsApp simply because some people are “getting into your nerves”. NO.

    WhatsApp is a means of communicating and can never be in the same group as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

    Block the people who are disturbing you on WhatsApp, and continue chatting with your loved ones.

    I can’t find any single good reason to delete WhatsApp so I don’t even see why this article was written in the first place lol. Alvine, why write this crap??

    1. Because we want to know if we lose our chats and groups when we just uninstall the application, some people like students have to detox for a few weeks, making enough time for their school and academic life. I don’t see how this article offends you, but if it does, ignore it and forget it exists.
      Why are you even here if you didn’t want to know about it!!

      1. This article is very helpful for me too..don’t worry! You did a great job explaining everything..especially to those who are new users of whatsapp😉

    2. This article is helpful for me tho. I’m a student. Sometimes I need to deactivate my whatsapp because I want to spent my time without being disturbed by soo many messages from soo many communities and classes. And when I came back to whatsapp I hope I still can catch up to the information I missed when I deactivate my whatsapp.

      1. You can simply disable internet connection for WhatsApp when u study nd make it whenever I want …

    3. Hello
      I doesn’t know who are you
      But every person have their own feelings on what’s app ,so you must give your reply ,don’t suggest your opinion to all that don’t delete or uninstall what’s app.
      Ignore me if I spoke anything wrong.

    4. Speak for yourself mister! People go through depression and do all sort of things when they are depressed such as deleting their social media accounts because they couldnt find solace there or people dont care about them. Imagine you been on watsapp yet mo one buzzed you? And then when you post something the world remembers you? Why have accounts when no one really cares about your existence until they hear your passed on, then all of a sudden you get popular. Friendship is purely overrated. The world is a wicked place. You live and die alone.

      1. Exactly..! Iam in the same situation . It’s really feels annoying while iam checking my WhatsApp everytime to see anyone cares about me and also there are some *itches in my ctcts , always show their attitude it drives me worse when I think about that . Even I became a psychopath and I uninstalled WhatsApp without thinking further , So now iam here to get back my valuable data that I lost because of my foolishness.

    5. Well believe it or not, there are certain conditions where you wanna stay away from whatsapp for a required length of time but want to do it lowkey so as to avoid leaving a “…left the group” notification on people’s group chat pages.

    6. “The Principal”: If you cannot see reasons, others can. And I certainly did delete my whattsapp account because I want only 2 messaging options on my phone: SMS and Signal, not 3, not 20, just two is enough. So this article was very useful to me and reinforce my decision to drop down Whatsapp: this company just does not care about its users. If it did, it would give an error message to my contacts who still try to send me messages on whatsapp, telling them my account has been deleted. But the’re too afraid of that and prefer that my contacts believe that I don’t care about their messages (even after I notified them all that I deleted whatsapp, some have forgotten…)

      1. Yeah, turning a deleted account into a zombie is an example of bad practice on part of Meta. I deleted Whatsapp because I there’s just too many such policies I don’t agree with, and after a year the account still sits there as if I never terminated it. Never regretted it, just feel bad for people that await a reply in vain.

  2. Please I want to know if I deleted my WhatsApp account. Can someone hack my WhatsApp account which has been deleted ?

  3. Someone hacked my phone in what’s up application I want to know if I uninstall it and re installe it again can that person still see my massages they took a picture if my quora

    1. Someone just did the same to me in November 2020. I can still see the little dot signifying someone is looking for me after I deleted the app and him. I uninstalled it a week ago. He’s been trying to gain access to my FB and I reported him. My personal email as well. I want to be rid of him forever! He was a catfish on Twitter, posing as a physician. Help!

      1. Hi Linda,
        I am am grateful that you wrote this article. I am able to relate to you very well. You are the first person that write exactly how I feel too. I do not want to see him at all in my whatsapp. I deleted him on my phone’s contact but he is still on my whatsapp. It is no use to block him because he still there. I do not want to see him every time I use Whatsapp. It reminds me about to many sad memories. He broke my heart.

  4. After reinstalling whatsapp, I am not recieving messages that has been sent to me during the time I had uninstalled whatsapp. What is the problem?

    1. I also experienced the same problem just yesterday… No messages, no group icons, no profile picture, no about

  5. I did a factory reset on my phone. The SD card was corrupt causing problem so I removed it then did the reset. I think SD card had data for the whatsapp. As the phone failed to automatically re-store whatsapp, I had to manually re-install it. I never backed it up on google drive but as local files into SD card that got corrupt.

    In this situation, the whatsapp server would take my account as new?
    Would the friend who had open chatroom with me would still have me there or would I appear as different user to them if I talked to them again?

  6. HUGE thank you for this article.
    I needed to go on a WApp detox as people bothering me are friends that could not be blocked but I needed a pause and desperately so..
    Phiew – I will do this regularly and have informed people.
    All unimportant pling pling plings and hours of listening to messages – ie one way conversations avoided.
    Such a relief. George Michael – FREEDOM comes to mind.
    Thank you and BLESSINGS!

  7. I gave my old phone to my wife (she liked it) and cloned the new one I bought, but she had her own WhatsApp account.
    Can I safely remove my WhatsApp account (without losing everything) from her phone and she replace it with hers?
    If so, can anyone tell me how?

  8. I want to know if they changed their phone number since they disappeared from Whatsapp and the Whatsapp icon doesn’t show by their number in my contacts list.

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  10. So I always back up my messages.. My old phone was stolen and I had backed up everything.. When I reinstalled my app, everything came back except my profile picture, about and many group messages and icons..

    I’m so annoyed.. I had to rejoin all of my groups again

  11. All of a sudden, WhatsApp photos and videos will not download to my phone. Internet is good, time and date are good. Is uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp likely to fix this?

  12. I deleted my whatspp I just want to ask that if someone hack my whatp account so they read my all chats???

  13. Principal. Why you think it’s your business to tell people not to uninstall what’s app. Not everyone is the same. Some people use company lines. Some are students. Some don’t have the loved ones you have and use it only for communication with their colleagues or friends or lovers or whatever. And these people want to get off what’sapp for a while.
    Thanks for the article dear. Don’t listen to ignorant people. Greatly appreciated 🙏🏼

  14. I deleted WhatsApp for a day and sent a test message to myself to see if I would receive it when I reinstalled. It didn’t work. I got only the messages from the last back up I had. So if someone sends you a message while WhatsApp is deleted on your phone you will not see the messages when you reinstall

  15. I have a question, a number I don’t know called and texted me on Whatsapp. I didn’t recognize the number, so I changed the number, deleted the account, and uninstalled Whatsapp. If the unknown # wanted to track me down, could they? I also never shared my location with them. I just want to be safe.

  16. Actually I just recently deleted my account 🙂 not cause of anything but sometimes I need the feel to stay away from everything to focus more on myself, whatsApp literally keeps us way more occupied than it should ,im not implying it isn’t important cause then it would be alie. But it’s all according to one’s own perspective. It’s common for me to delete my social media accounts, to stay away from people mostly I feel social media really affects in a negative way so i do that. After some months or few weeks I install it again :).

  17. How can I get my blocked numbers back, I recently deactivated my account and i can’t find all my blocked numbers. how can I get them back?

  18. Help please.
    I have send Messeges to my friend’s deleted WhatsApp account… She deleted that a year ago. And now she isn’t using that number. I used to use that as my note pad. Now I’m worried if she starts to use that number again, will my Messeges deliver to her?( Her account is currently delected)

  19. I had to delete my WhatsApp account because a hacker had some replaced my real friends with strangers! I did not back up anything but I deleted! The friends that were replaced were in my contact list! I can’t call them as they were international! Will they still be on my contact list? They were good friends! The ones that replaced them were talking about things I am not involved in!

  20. Thanks so much for this article, Alvine Chaparadza. I needed it. Had to delete WhatsApp because it was contributing to my panic attacks. I feel so refreshed and actually quite safe. If people genuinely want to reach out to me, they’ll make an actual effort. Thanks.

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  22. What happens if…
    I’d mistakenly called someone’s number (stranger) and ended the call in 2 seconds. I was anxious, so I deleted my Whatsapp right after, and didn’t install back the App for a few days. Will my contact number still show on that person’s Whatsapp?

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