14 thoughts on “What Happens When You Uninstall WhatsApp Or Delete Your WhatsApp Account

  1. You don’t delete WhatsApp simply because some people are “getting into your nerves”. NO.

    WhatsApp is a means of communicating and can never be in the same group as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

    Block the people who are disturbing you on WhatsApp, and continue chatting with your loved ones.

    I can’t find any single good reason to delete WhatsApp so I don’t even see why this article was written in the first place lol. Alvine, why write this crap??

    1. Because we want to know if we lose our chats and groups when we just uninstall the application, some people like students have to detox for a few weeks, making enough time for their school and academic life. I don’t see how this article offends you, but if it does, ignore it and forget it exists.
      Why are you even here if you didn’t want to know about it!!

    2. This article is helpful for me tho. I’m a student. Sometimes I need to deactivate my whatsapp because I want to spent my time without being disturbed by soo many messages from soo many communities and classes. And when I came back to whatsapp I hope I still can catch up to the information I missed when I deactivate my whatsapp.

    3. Hello
      I doesn’t know who are you
      But every person have their own feelings on what’s app ,so you must give your reply ,don’t suggest your opinion to all that don’t delete or uninstall what’s app.
      Ignore me if I spoke anything wrong.

  2. Please I want to know if I deleted my WhatsApp account. Can someone hack my WhatsApp account which has been deleted ?

  3. Someone hacked my phone in what’s up application I want to know if I uninstall it and re installe it again can that person still see my massages they took a picture if my quora

  4. After reinstalling whatsapp, I am not recieving messages that has been sent to me during the time I had uninstalled whatsapp. What is the problem?

  5. I did a factory reset on my phone. The SD card was corrupt causing problem so I removed it then did the reset. I think SD card had data for the whatsapp. As the phone failed to automatically re-store whatsapp, I had to manually re-install it. I never backed it up on google drive but as local files into SD card that got corrupt.

    In this situation, the whatsapp server would take my account as new?
    Would the friend who had open chatroom with me would still have me there or would I appear as different user to them if I talked to them again?

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