Local EduTech Startup Attends UNICEF Incubation Program In Egypt

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[Image Source: Generation Unlimited]

Local software startup, Team Amigo is in Egypt from the 20th-24th of January as part of their incubation program for winning the Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge 2018/19.

Team Amigo won the $20 000 challenge for developing an application that delivers learning materials to students at low cost.

[Update]: Amigo’s Academic Portal is a hub that allows students to create a free account and access books, past exam papers with their marking schemes, notes, slides, videos, tutorials, journals even solving scientific and mathematical problems with the help of artificial intelligence

According to UNICEF Zim representatives, the incubation program for Amigo (which is one of 5 companies receiving incubation as part of this program) has 5 of the following objectives:

  • Support the 5 teams in building their businesses, including a 2-day intensive training session.
  • Providing topic-specific support and networking opportunities for each of the 5 teams
  • Enabling the 5 teams to meet each other and be inspired / share experiences
  • Strengthen the capacity of UNICEF implementing partners to offer strong incubation programmes
  • Provide visibility and communications opportunities for the 5 teams

As part of their incubation tour, Team Amigo will also get to visit Falak Startup Accelerator and attend an interactive session at Flat6Labs. The session will involve graduates from the labs who’ve started their business along with speed clinics with mentors who will evaluate the startup’s business plan and identify gaps and weaknesses.

We reached out to Farayi Goronga, Team Amigo’s Chief Marketing Officer and he said their experience in Egypt has been invaluable:

The experience in Cairo has been mind blowing, our bootcamps are really exciting and educating. We have met teams from Pakistan, Sudan, egypt, macedonia and thailand. This will help us tap into their markets and improve our network. Unicef has put a lot of resources to ensure we are exposed to the best mentors, like i have learnt a lot of new things on how to operate a sustainable business, low budget marketing for start ups and IP

Farayi Goronga
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  1. gift

    is their technology at work? if so where can we get to see it?

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Hey Gift, we plan to meet with Team Amigo once they are back and getting to understand where they are when it comes to deploying the app

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