[Video] What Are Econet’s Private Wifi Bundles?

Dialing *143# on Econet reveals a list of data services but as of late there has been a news addition. Private Wifi bundles. In this video we look at how they work and who is the best customer for them.

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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17 thoughts on “[Video] What Are Econet’s Private Wifi Bundles?

  1. I am in belvedere and I use the private wifi bundle due to its flexibility. Zol mibronicks doesn’t work in my area, yet I need mobile internet.

  2. How do you check private wifi data bundle balance and does connecting to econet wifi zone give you access to the data bundles

  3. we don’t need a video to explain how a product works, I just want to know if my mobile line can access the so called private wifi bundle.

  4. Hi thanks for this I live in mvurwi and work in hre wt kids in university were all ” working from home needing at least 8hours internet connectivity. What’s our best option/ value for something we can have as soon as yesterday. Thanks

  5. So if I buy a private Wi-Fi bundles I don’t need a mifi or router? For me it’s cheaper than the data bundles as currently 700MB lasts 2 days and costs $100

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