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EcoCash Reduces Minimum Airtime You Can Buy To $2 – Feeling The Coronavirus Pinch?

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EcoCash has reduced the minimum amount you’ll need to buy airtime on the mobile money platform from $4 down to $2. Econet users have been getting messages urging them to get the lower denomination airtime via EcoCash;

Need airtime for voice calls? Get Econet airtime from as low as $2 on EcoCash today. Simply dial *151# to enjoy the value & convenience

Econet SMS

It seems the priority at EcoCash is no longer selling higher-margin denominations but instead would rather get higher volumes. If volumes are now the priority it’s a bit confusing that EcoCash wouldn’t go all the way and reduce that $2 minimum to a $1.

Outside of the new minimum airtime purchase, some subscribers have also been getting promotional messages urging them to call and get extra free minutes;

Amazing Offer! Call for at least 2 minutes and receive 10 free minutes valid until midnight.

Econet SMS

It seems Econet are aggressively trying to get their customer base to buy more airtime but inversely this is a great thing for those customers who can now buy airtime in the increments in which they need them rather than being forced to buy higher denominations.

Taking it to extremes

If $2 is still too high and you want an option that allows you to buy as little as a $1 or you actually want to buy NetOne/Telecel airtime using EcoCash, send the message “airtime” to 0717684274 on WhatsApp.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

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