Impact Hub’s Kids Coding Bootcamp Will Now Be Hosted Online

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Impact Hub’s Kids Coding Bootcamp was supposed to kick-off on the 19th of April but the COVID-19 outbreak had all but left Impact Hub’s hands tied when it comes to hosting the event.

When we spoke to Impact Hub’s founder Tadzoka Paswarayi when local companies started taking safety measures against COVID-19, they weren’t exactly sure if the event would go on but the hub has now announced that they will host the Bootcamp online;

The Coding Bootcamp was to be an adventure, a hands on coding programme with sports and other physical activities incorporated. Unfortunately, the world is going through a global COVID-19 pandemic, causing uncertainty in our daily lives and restricting outside physical activity.


Because we are passionate about children’s participation in technology, we are launching a virtual version of the programme which will ensure inclusive and equitable quality education as well as promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Students will go from zero coding experience to junior developers.

This edition of the Coding Bootcamp is flexible, affordable and a fun way of delivering lessons while simultaneously exercising safety precautions. The programme is targeting participants aged 9 – 13 and is set to commence from 20 April 2020 – 22 May 2020.

Impact Hub

If you are interested in enrolling your child please contact:


Telephone: +263 782 639 919

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