LawBasket Offering Free Legal Assessment To African Startups

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LawBasket – the online legal marketplace where lawyers meet clients (people with cases) to deliver legal services on customer-driven terms – has announced StartAP Legal Maturity Assessment Program to help startups

The initiative will see LawBasket providing free legal maturity assessment for African startups. In our communication with LawBasket’s Co-founder and Head of Marketing Nyasha Makamba he explained that the initiative will enable startups to get a gauge of how healthy they are legal-wise and where their risks lie.

Owners are stressed and when things get back to normal they’ll still have to figure out if they are on the right footing legally. This maturity assessment will give them that diagnosis so that they know how healthy their business is from a legal perspective.

Nyasha Makamba – LawBasket Co-Founder

Outside of that LawBasket will also help startups that are high and medium risk by giving them legal advice on how to lower that risk.

Considering that some businesses have come to a complete halt because of COVID-19, the LawBasket assessment offers startups an opportunity to improve administratively whilst other aspects of the business are facing downtime.

Startups can apply for the free legal assessment by filling out this form which will simply ask for your name, email, phone number and your organisation.The applications are open to startups in Africa and will be open from the 20th of April until the 30 April.

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  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    I think it helps readers and startups to clarify what a “maturity assessment” is. People won’t apply if they don’t understand what it is, or on the other hand, they’ll apply simply because it’s free yet they don’t need the service.

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